X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 7)

NØISOM «Julebock» (7,8%) 5/6

Yellow- brownish/lightly brown color wise. Presentation with a great creamy head on top. High frequency, notes presented in the notes is caramel, chestnut and dried fruits, although not in any overwhelming way. Delish fruity notes of Madeira chocolate.

Tastewise it is not as strong as one would picture: Enhancing the caramelly sweet vibes much, together with rustique flavour elements. Taste is also significantly superb:  Broad spectre of elements with great balance. Medium-to fullbodied. delish notes in turn with a grand hoppy finalè. Really nice!

Very nice indeed!

NØISOM «Lyst Juleøl» (4,7%) 5/6

Murky, yellow, inviting beer with nice bubbly action on top. Nurse is exciting, featuring Christmas spices, fruity, vibes of pineapple and citric fruit. Medium to light body. Subtly and perfectly spiced, giving right Xmas associations to the holiday season that we’re entering. Super balance and taste for a beer of this lighter kind.

7FJELL «Hans Gruber» (6%) 4/6

Distinct piny and floral on the nose. Lots of citrus fruit. Deep golden visuals, pouring big head. Clean presentation, highly fruity before the massively hopped edge sets in. Not much accosiations to Xmas nesseccerily, but well tasting, that’s for sure.

BERENTSENS «Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

Dark amber in looks. Nose is malty: Sense of caramel, wet wood logs and delish nutty flavours. Good carbonation, lightbodied texture. Xmas pastry and bread comes to mind, as well as dates and a lightly hopped finalé @ the end. Very nice all-arounder for the Xmas Season holidays.

EIK&TID «Juleheliks» (%) 5/6

Bloodred on the verge to orangy in looks. Great carbonation signs, which is affirmed by the mouthfeel. From the nose, I detect vinegar-soaked berries with a hint of spices. At the tongue, it provides a superfruity, stonefruit bitter and sour combo. The acidity lies over as a steady carpet. A real face-twister, this one.

NØGNE Ø «Julequad 2023» (%) 4/6

Nose is subtly fruity. Close to no carbonation at all- something that doesn’t really matter that much, given the texture of the beverage. Medium to thick body, flat with somewhat rustique, fig-infused with spicy and mouldy chocolaty boozyness.

ÆGIR «Juling» (11.5%) 4/6

Murky brown-red in looks, topped by a creamy head- this heavyweighter bears notes of caramel, dried fruits and oak. The taste is massive, an alcoholic sting to even out the floral notes. Mediumbodied with a somewhat sweet at first, but also sharp edge, suitable for the strong ale- style. 

NØGNE Ø «A Christmas Carol Extra» (16.5%) 5/5 

Beautiful nose of chocolate, tobacco, fruit and oaky finish. Superdelish, Sweet intro that quickly evolves throughout the mouthfull: From the sugary Sweet into, to the fruity main characteristics, this delicious, smooth  balanced

Medium- to fullbodied, with a distinct hoppy finish.

7FJELL “Julestemning” (8%) 4/6

Dark as night, creamy head. Distinct nose of coffee, albeit heavily coloured by Xmas spices and herbs. Tastewise, it’s perfectly carbonated for this mediumbodied stout to be. Highlighting the aforementioned coffee, followed by chocolaty features and a dash of licorice- topped by a sense uof heat and bitterness, as the hops sets in.

MACK «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 4/6

A clean, amber look covered in creamy layer of bubbles. Lightl malty and caramelly nose. Light to mediumbodied, extremely great balance of the malty side and the mild hops. More than just a thirstquencher, but will serve that purpose as well, for sure.