X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 6)

OSLO BREWING «Weizenbock» (4,7%) 3/6

Murky brown visuals is what we’ve got here. Fruity, caramelly nose. Light to medium body that makes it go really well with most foods, even as a refreshment on it’s own. Lightly Sweet and hopped. Mild, not overly sweet or unbalanced in any way.

MACK «Vellagret Juleøl 2023» (4,5) 4/6

Dark amber, visuals, pouring large cremè  head. Nose is sweet toffee, bread and wood. Mouthfeel: medium-to-lightbodied, carefully carbonated. Smooth entrance of sweet malty grains, building a sense of mateurity midway. Subtle but balanced. Nice one to revisit several times during the coming holidays.

MACK «Vellagret Julebokk 2023» (9%) 5/6

Looking clean and transparent, although much darker than its predecessor (which I tasted yesterday), this has all them same quality and neuances- albeit much more, to a greater extent. One can tell from the head when pouring, as well as the deep caramel nose. This time though, it sits pretty much perfect on the palate too… Just, right up there you know. Mediumbodied mouthfeel, aged well, deep sweet & dried fruits, with an alco-bite to it which suits the aftertaste perfectly. 

7FJELL «Hyrdestund 2023» (6,5%) 4/6

Looking fresh grass-like autumn-yellow, nose is packed with distinct X-mas spices and wheat. As for taste: Yeasty, orange peel and farmhouse and lightly hoppy. An supersmooth light-weighter to pair with most heavy meals during the Yuletide.

E.C. DAHLS «Kong Vinter 2023» (7%) 4/6

Lightly brown in color with nice head poured. Very fruity those with hints of banana and wheat. Great bubbly action. Short sweet intro before the banana and malts comes into play for play. Super nice balanced hoppy layer too. 

E.C. DAHLS “Lillebjørns Juleøl» (6%) 4/6

Ruby red in looks, creamy head to top. Much fruity nose to trace here, mandarins, stonefruit. The taste is superb too, enhancing the mentioned tastes. Pointing in citrusy directions w/caramellish edge to it. Really nice!

NØGNE Ø «God Jul 2023» (8,5%) 4/6

Always look forward to this one, every year. The head poured looks more like a café crème, the nose is cinnamon, dried apple, 

And a hint of pepper, perhaps. And the actual taste? Oh yes! Medium bid, not too dense. A prototype of a classic Norwegian Christmas beer in 2023, full of spices, licorice, coffee, and a well hidden, subtle hint of sweetness. Always very good, this year being no exception.

7FJELL «Mørk Juleøl 2023» (%) 4/6

Dark, Amber in looks, seemingly great bubbly action going on. Nose reflecting roasted coffee subtly. Great carbonation. Superb balance, smooth and refreshing at the same time, with light sweet notes dominated by the coffee. Delicious.

RINGNES «Juleøl 2023» (4,7%) 3/6

Looking bright red with decent head in glass. Subtle notes of caramel and fruit. On the palate, it’s light-to mediumbodied, sweet  with a nicely rounded off dry finish. A bit bland compared to its heavier brother, but still quenchable for sure.

7FJELL “7 Sorter 2023” (6,5%) 3/6

Dark brown little if none viscocity. Special nose consisting of spices, cucumber and more. Tastewise, it’s powerful, highly bitter (especially during the aftertaste) and the the texture is quite strong. I get quite a bit of licorice.