X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 4)

7FJELL «John McClane» (6,5%) 4/6

Golden looks, and without any sign of carbonation, the nose is what becomes exciting here at first… highly fruit driven from the get-go, with orange zest, mandarins- a citrus bomb is what we’ve got here. The low levels of bubbly action doesn’t really bother me at all, the fruitful (without being overly sweet in any way) core here is pretty damn good. Far into it, the bitter hops is contributing strongly. Very nice.

HANSA «Vinterlys» (4.7%) 4/6

Nose is clearly mandarin/clementine, deliciously oozing of sweet fruityness. The citrus fruit & wheat really comes into play here when describing the taste-section. Almost Juicy-like, albeit thinner. Little carbonation, lots of taste.

7FJELL «Lys Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

What is this? Un-Xmas’y thing, being all blonde’n that… well, i’ll tell you what it is though: highly exciting. With notes of orange, coriander, and other seasonal artifacts, I must admit I’m excited. The Orange and mandarins really comes into play when the beer hits the palate, with suitable levels of carbonation. Light and delicate. Smooth!

OSLO BREWING «Multekrem» 4/6

Nose is wheat and orange. Really bubbly cream ale this! But also very well adjusted from the last version ofcit that I had. Lots of Mandarin and orange in centre, after a swift, Sweet introduction. Smooth & nice 😋

HAANDBRYGGERIET «Nissefar 2023» (7%) 4/6

Darkness in the glass… the spirit sets in. Nose is subtle and fruity. Mediumbodied. Lightly carbonated, taste of roasted coffee, chocomalts, dark grains/rye bread and suitably hoppyness. Smooth on the palate, velvety texture. Longlasting with slight heat/power from the alcohol.

BORG «Juleøl» (4,6%) 3/6

Dark ruby with heavy malty nose of wort. Dried seasonal fruit. Creamy head poured. Lightbodied, refreshing and subtle in appearance. Notes of roasted nuts and slight bitter hoppy vibe. Nice and easy light-weighter.

HANSA «Julebrygg» (6.5%) 4/6

Dark red/golden brew, creamy head on top. Superfruity nose with some nutty seabreeze to it. Well carbonated, clean and smooth profile. Medium body. Tastes of wood, freshness, lots of bitterness a little over midway. Close to no sweetness. 

FRYDENLUND «Juleøl 2023» (4.6%) 4/6

Murky and red, this mystical beverage tempts. Little foam, lightly caramelly & floral nose. Tastewise it’s really delicious too- with sweet and fruit-malty notes followed by surprisingly amounts of bitterness for the light ABV to be. Quick but great aftertaste. 

FREDRIKSTAD «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 3/6

Golden, dark red-brown looks w/inviting creamy head. Nose is wort-driven: Straight down in that good ol’basement. I also find dates. Low but good carbonation, lightstruck tasteprofile consisting of some classic Xmas beer mash, fruity subtle hints. easy drinking, light-bodied beverage with short aftertaste.

BORG «Juleøl» (6.5%) 5/6

Shines beautifully red in the glass, topped by smooth head. Subtle caramelly nose with toffee hints. Superb balance, quite sweet middle. Deliciously hoppy, fresh and balanced. Mature and tasty.