X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 3)

NØGNE Ø «Rød Jul 2023» 5/6

Guess what colour it is? Correct, Red is the answer. (Writing that down now)

Floral, foresty nose. Ooohhh! And the taste… Pommegranade, piney nose,low carbonationlevels. Highly hoppified! Very nice indeed. Big taste, lots of dinension to it. Superb & exciting.

RINGNES «Julebokk» (9%) 6/6

This one is always looked forward to with great excitement. One of my top 5 Norwegian X-mas beers for this season.

So, How does the 2023 vintage hold up?

Well, by the look it is the same as usual: Dark to the extent that transparency is hard. Nose: worty, dark fruits. Suitable bubbles. And taste? Deep and massive, heavy! Not so thick/dense, just really big body and super taste: Balance, sweetness (not overly), figs, wood, hoppy- the whole chebang’s here. Suuuper- and this year’s definetely no exception.

CB «Juleøl» (6.5%) 3/6

Dark red w/cream top, sweet caramelly nose. Classic, malty mildly hopped seasonal beer. Mature taste, medium to light texture. Nice one.

7FJELL “Gøy Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

Woah… this sure doesn’t look like your typichal Xmas beer. Dark as night, nose of coffee, milk chocolate and molasses.

As for the taste: Small good carbonation, medium to light body, quick milk chocolaty, slightly spice-infused flirt before bitter coffee sets in towards the end and lingers.

OSLO BREWING «Strikketid» (4.7%) 4/6

It’s a yellow straw-like blonde by looks, with lots of carbonation (even though I have made a mistake of freezing the beer) 

😅 still, great fruity nose of cut grass.

Super taste of weed, earth and biscuit.

Medium bodied texture and longlasting farmhouse taste.

DAHLS “Juleøl» (4.5%) 4/6

Amber colour and lots of bubbles. Nose is vague. Taste is a bit anonymous in the start, but gives a proper bitter sting quite soon. Could be a beer to pair well with most dishes and to re-visit multiple times during the season.

DAHLS «Julebrygg» (4.5%) 5/6

Clean, beautiful brown transparent beverage. Nose  reminiscent of wet basement and malts. Taste is ever so clean: With a lot of malty drapery, and a super-sophisticated hoppy sting midway. Mild, but easy. 

EIK&TID «Skrekkelig Jul» (%) 4/6

Deliciously shining red in glass. Notes of red sour fruits. Also really balanced out in terms of sweetness, but absolutely leaving space for the Aquavit to break through.

OSLO BREWING «Citrus Christmas» (4.7%) 4/6

Straw/autumn grass-like in colour with mild citrus nose. Superbly carbonated. Lemony subtle notes with cut grass, all in a suitable light manner in order to pair with it’s intentioned foodpairing: Seafood/fish. Would have worked as well in summer as during Christmas.

EIK&TID «Syrlig jul» (5%) 3/6

I’ve had this before, still excited to try it yet again. The beverage itself has a straw-yellow colour to it, and nose reminiscent of lime & pickles (which for some is barely ok in beer- not in food and vice versa). A little acidic sour at first, then distinct pickles, leaving little room for anything else. Nice for its style though- that must be said.