X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 2)

BERENTSENS «Julefnugg» (6.5%) 3/6

Very dark looks, pouring a creamy, nice head. Nose detecting Yule-spices, pastry and dark bread.  Medium to light body. Good carbonation and bitter hoppysting. Mature oaky edge. 

NØGNE Ø «Norsk jul» (8%) 5/6

Murky brown visuals is what we’re faced with here. A special nose here, exciting indeed: fruity notes (even as served cold) and some exciting spicy contents. Taste reflects more distinctly a subtle acidity/farmhouse-like vibe, grassy and juniper. Medium to fullbodied, the Kveik yeast works wonders in here and covers pretty much any Trace of honey. As the beer is tempered, the more rustique ending rounds off this great beverage.

NØGNE Ø «Ekstra God Jul 2022» (15.5%) 5/6

This monster of a powerbomb is one that I look tremendously forward to every year. Since the first time and they said it was absolutely splendid, never to disappoint. So what have we got here? Well, it’s last year vintage. Boozy & fruity on the nose, fullbodied beer. The way this have evolved, the licorice playing the main role now. I cannot recall it being like this last year when I had it. Still, a good strong powerhouse of the Xmas portfolio of Nøgne Ø. Powerful- yet tasty and great.

FREDRIKSTAD «Juleøl» (6.5%) 4/6

Very dark in looks. Deep vineous nose of dried red fruit and cellar. Medium body with super balance, subtly bubbled. Dry in the beginning, complex profile with strong bitter end.
Very good.

RINGNES «Juleøl LITE» (4.3%) 3/6

Shining light brown in glass, showing lots of carbonation. Nose is highly spice-driven; with hints of anice/licorice being dominant. The beer itself is quite lightbodied, which reflects in the taste-section. Here there’s little resistance- even from the nose detections. Lightbodied and quite anonymous… a bit too bland for my liking.

E.C. DAHLS «Juleøl» (6%) 4/6

Superbly carbonated, amber colour- beautiful head to match. Incredibly delicates fruity notes of figs and caramel. Mouthfeel carries a medium to lightbodied profile, fruityness followed by short sweet middle before a proper bitter ending sets in. Strength from alcohol does not disturb, but rather gives the beer a helping hand. Very nice.

TUBORG «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 5/6

Red-transparent in glass with small head to top. Lightly caramelised nose. Light-bodied with small bubbles. Great sweet intro, fruit-driven middle section rounded off by a light flirt of bitterness- all in the uttermost delicately balanced executed way. A prototype of it’s kind in a way. This I may drink to pair with food as well as have 4-5 more afterwards.

FRYDENLUND «Juleøl 2023» (4.6%) 3/6

Very subtle wort’ish nose. Quite thin body & lightly carbonated- still, clear and clean taste. Vague neuances of fruiyness and ronded hint of bitterness at the end.

DAHLS «Julebrygg 2023» (4.6%) 4/6

Amber-brown, malty delicious nose. Delicately carbonated, full taste here. Medium to light body, subtly hopped & sweetened. Refreshing yet seasonal vibe. Definite re-visit this year.

7 FJELL «Falalalalator» (8%) 5/6

Pours beautifully Ddark brown in glass, with a perfect head to match. Nose is very delicate: orange, spices and old cellar. Taste is a short sweet bliss at first, quickly followed by a hint of licorice/anis and muuucho dark roasted coffee. It all culminates in a long, balanced, bitter ending. Very very nice indeed.

BERENTSEN «The Holy Bock 2023» (%) 6/6

Dep brownish-red colour, creamy top. Super-inviting nose of nutty, toffee and date features, woody draping. Mouthfeel is medium, taste is packed with caramelly burnt notes, vanilla and bourbon finish. One of the better bock’s I’ve had.

OSLO BREWING «Same Procedure» (6,5%) 4/6

Another of this year’s Xmas beers from Oslo brewing, and a Bock this time. I’m a fan of the style and thus anticipation are there for this amber beverage in my glass… Nose is fruity and malty, dominated by nutty vibes and caramel. Body is medium with a distinct sweet centre, with lots of carbonation (not too much though). Rounded off by by a nice hoppy finish.