SCHÖNRAMER «Pils» (5%) 6/6

So… it’s time to finally check out what this is about. Having heard about this brewery through a few friends now, i’m curious to see what is so special about it and their beers? The light projects a golden/yellow spectral aura, crowned by a light creamy and quickly fading head. Nose is freshly hoppy and associations sends the mind off to fields of freshly cut grass. Perfect for the summer times!

No time to waste; let’s get into this. Very smooth, mild taste. Beautiful balance and body, I love the fact that sweetness does not take over- at the same time as it is emphasizing freshness more than the ultra smooth hoppyness. Just floating through, with the very subtle aftertaste. Absolute perfection. I’ve never pictured myself giving a top rating/character to a Pilsner, but alas: that is how wrong I could be. Such a smooth pilsner I never pictured existed. Will definetely revisit- Hopefully sooner than later.