RYGR «Valhall» Chaga & bjørkesevje BW (12,5%) 6/6

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now. Well- tonight’s the night!

This thick Barleywine pours beautifully in glass, with nice big bubbles. Amazing oaky nose of barrel. Thick, dense body, superb mouthfeel. 

Further on: Amazing taste explotion with a clean profile, enhancing the Jamaican rum barrel. Glamorously suitable heat stemming from 15 years on it too. Sweet, caramel, figs and chocolate, withvsuper-smooth maple features. Delicious! Perfectly edged, not too sharp rum-finish. Damn guys, this is- as wifey pointed out: Norway’s answer to Anchorage. Friggin’ amazing.

Can 1305/2000.