🇳🇴X-MAS BEERS OF 2022 (Part 3)

LERVIG «Julebock» (4.7%) 3/6

Dark brown, pouring creamy yellow’ish head. Nose of figs, hops and humid basement. Tastewise: medium-to-light mouthfeel, helped by nice degree of carbonation. Fresh at first, followed by a nutty feel before quickly fading out in a bland and a little thin aftertaste. Still, quite tasty.

E.C.DAHLS «Kong Vinter 2022» (7%) 4/6

Dark red/light brownish visually. Vineous, fruity nose. Elegant balanced malt-heavy Sweet introduction, combined with a somewhat maturity. Small bubbly action going on. All despite the fact that it’s a quite medium-bodied beer. Some bitterness along the way, culminating in a long-bittersweet, well-tasty dry finish.

NØGNE Ø «Grønn Jul 2022» (7%) 4/6

Deep yellow autumn straw-like looks, pouring massive head. Distinct aromas of green: Piney, fruity reminiscent of forest. Mouthfeel is clean and highy hoppy, enhancing the bitter resin and sap notes. Almost so it stings on the palate. Starting of flowery, evolving into bitter twist that takes hold-all the way back at the tongue, that lingers looong into the aftertaste. Quite exciting, fresh and tasty.

ÆGIR «Nissebokk» (7%) 4/6

Dark, red-brown visually, pouring lightly creamy head. It actually look quite transparent. Deep fruity nose of figs and sweet . Tastewise, it starts off with a great bubbly fresh intoduction, before the fruits comes into play. Evolving into light vineous- in combination with chocolate neuances, suiting the light-to-medium body of this greatness. Not overly complex, still very nice tasting. Probably will re-visit this one during the holidays.

OSLO BREWING«Christmas Kveik»(7.4%) 4/6

Looks like a haze should, yellow with lightly creamy head on top. Superfruity nose of lemon, citrus and pineapple. Smells good, I’m excited…

So, what we’ve got here is a highly fruity NEIPA, morphing into sweet fruitjuice, which suits the rest of the composition well. Following that stage, the sweet elements comes into play to, working well with the rest. Another good Kveik-beer, believe it or not!

AMUNDSEN «BA Upside down Christmas cake 2022» 11.5% 4/6

Looking dark’n thick. Nose of sweet chocolate, sweet fruity berries. Much carbonation and medium to thick body. Easy biscuit-like. Sweet chocolaty taste with Raspberry twist to it. Milk chocolatish ending to a candy-like dessert of a beer. Tasty though.

BÅDIN «Julestout 2022»  (9.3%) 2/6

Very dark brown, barely letting a rubyred shimmering light through. There’s some bubbly action here though. Nose of wood (oak) and nuts. Light-to-medium bodied, with much bitter, dry and stony taste. Quite sharp and too alcoholic for my taste. (Sorry!)

BÅDIN «Jul i Sjøgato» (8%) 4/6

This one was a surprising one from these guys. Dark yellow-brownish visually, pouring a creamy and quickly fading head to top. Nose is caramelly and fruity (almost a hint of tutti frutti-vibe to it. On the palate: fresh, lightly citric fruityness paired with sweet banana notes makes the hops surf superbly over the tongue, without being too dominant (as I often find banana features to be in beers). Great balance. Very good!

BÅDIN «Helgelandsbokken» (10%) 4/6

Lightly read through yellow looks with a nice head when poured. Very subtle nose of caramel and malts. I am expecting something a bit thin here… oh gosh! It has a somewhat fresh vibe to it first, then evolve into a very sweet, nice malty midsection. The body of the bear is more powerful than expected, with a powerful alcoholic strength to challenge this weakness. Surprisingly well tasty.