«Triassic Extinction» (6%) 4/6

Howdy! Been a while. The blog has got an upgrade as you might’ve noticed (Huge thx goes out to Vegard Dølerud @ Slapfish!) Time to get back into putting some words down on some of’em beers…


From Trondheim, what we’re faced with here is an IPA- of the hazy kind, that is. Unsurprisingly, it is bright yellow colourwise- quite deep with a light creamy head to top. Nose detects highly fruity notes of orange and sour citrus fruit such as lemony vibe to it, enhanced by peach- the latter being very distinct in front.


As for the actual taste, it starts off fresh helped by the carbonation. However, quickly presents the main role- being peach/apricot-dominated to a high extent. There was a flash of top frequency hop there, bit overall this is not hoppy at all. Nice & fruity though, with loooong fruity, lightbodied middle section. If you really let it linger, the hops make a small comeback at the end. Sweet! (indeed)