Liefmans Brouwerij «Fruitesse» (4,2%) 3/6

imageJudging by the colour, this looks more like a drink/sodapop than beer, with it’s glossy red looks. Add to that, that it is recommended served with ice, the expectations are -mildly put- close to none… The aroma is easily defined, very sweet, but a hint of acidity. At the 1st sip, it’s refreshing- especcially because Of it being so chilled in temperature. It tastes first and foremost very sweet berries; Cherries, strawberry and raspberries. However, the cool thing about this beer, is that it’s borderline but not to the extent that it becomes artificial. Sure, by the smell, but from the 2nd sip, it seems somehow more natural-tasting, which was unexpected at first.