is an independent informal site for beer enthusiasts, providing information on specific beer brands tested by guitarist Archaon of the Norwegian black metal band 1349.


The beers reviewed are rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 6 based on the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Consistency/texture
  • Fragrance
  • Elements of taste and aftertaste
  1. Disgusting (rather drink water)
  2. Poor/boring (somewhat drinkable, but nothing more than that)
  3. Ok (meets expectations)
  4. Good (above average and high quality in terms of taste)
  5. Splendid (top notch; a joy to consume every drop)
  6. Out-of-body experience (absolutely supreme taste and presentation)

Even though I’d caught a cold at the time of consumption, the fragrance clearly points in the direction of burbon. Nice dark colour and extreme in terms of carbonization, with good quality coffee immediately present. Hard-hitting tastewise, and medium/light bodied texture. There’s also a nice bitter hint there, providing a nice twist to this interesting and exiting experience.