is an independent informal site for beer enthusiasts, providing information on specific beer brands tested by guitarist Archaon of the Norwegian black metal band 1349.


The beers reviewed are rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 6 based on the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Consistency/texture
  • Fragrance
  • Elements of taste and aftertaste
  1. Disgusting (rather drink water)
  2. Poor/boring (somewhat drinkable, but nothing more than that)
  3. Ok (meets expectations)
  4. Good (above average and high quality in terms of taste)
  5. Splendid (top notch; a joy to consume every drop)
  6. Out-of-body experience (absolutely supreme taste and presentation)


Rye tripel reservaThis bourbon-barrel aged tripel produces one hell of a head when poured. It is dark brown colourwise and almost non-transparent. Nose is very fresh albeit also relatively sweet, one can tell that there’s some sweetness behind the fruity veil. This highly reflects in taste, which kicks of with an exiting subtle tease of acidity, before its just sweetness all over. The caramelmalts… Strongest positioned midway through… Very tasty. The taste lingers long, and the caramel lasts well into the aftertaste. Perhaps most exiting is the fresh attitude that fronts this beer, that is what’s really cool about this one.

imageSmells sweet and fruity, with a citric hint. Highly carbonisated, pours huge head and is all over very fresh. Tastes mildly and comfortably of pastry combined with a hint of citrus and subtle acidity and with an underlying organic sweet thread throughout, really great. Almost vanilla-like undernotes, and long lasting taste.

This brewery (which- until this beer, I’ve been totally unfamiliar with, really strikes a chord with this beer. What we have here is some kind of a belgian, with an inviting colour. Tastes of orange and hints of lime contributes to a mild freshness. Adjusted by a suitable degree of acidity which is not overwhelming, nor too faint- but very well-composed and with a pleasant sweet nerve.

The aroma on this one is pretty weak, and the liquid’s colour golden. Nor is there much carbonization in the beer, but still, a superb candysugar-like sweetness that lies like velvet around the gum. This taste is then dismissed and slowly taken over by an increasing presence of the chili, which subtly fades in & takes over… Lying there, deep underneath- like a fire burning out.
HygheThe smell can best be described as powerful; Fruity and fresh. With it’s golden/light brown colour it’s visually highly inviting. Tastewise, it also clearly opens in a very fresh sense before the interesting combination of spices takes over, followed by a delicious and beautiful sweet closure.  Astonishing and astounding example of a great typical high quality belgian beer. Amongst the fruit tastes one can find herein, is peach and apricot.