Brewmeister «Snake venom» (67,5%) 3/6

imageThis beer had been saved for an occation- a special one. As I earlier this week got some positive answers to an examn result that I’d been waiting for, it’s now time…

A deep whisky-like redbrown colour and visually very clear in appearance, it seems very «clean». Intriguingly stingy spiritus aroma, also some Scottish malt. Tastewise, the malts barely gets any attention, as it is quickly dominated by the incredibly strong spiritus taste- no wonder with the intentioned height/strenght (ABV) here. The malts are way back there, but overall the palate in on fire by now- tingling the tongue, burning the whole mouth, through all the intestines and god knows what next. Considering the predecessor was a weissbock, I’m thinking maybe scottish ale was not the best choice in candidates for this. Still- very interesting to have tried the new holder of the title.

Great Divide «Claymore Scotch Ale» (7,7%) 4/6

imageSmells of smoked whiskey and very dark colourwise. Tastes of fruits, such as sweet plum, with vanilla. Nice sweet maltbody going on here, with hints of caramel.

Ægir “Lindisfarne” (7%) 3/6

LindisfarneLight brown… More brown than golden. Lightly fruity aroma with a bigger fruity taste, with a hint of nuts. Pretty thin texture-wise, low degree of carbonization. A small hint of subtly sourish bitterness to start with which, evolves into more sweet vein which last a little. The “power” of the taste here is at the end.

Three Floyds «Robert the Bruce» (7%) 4/6

Robert the BrucePours dark brown with minimal/no head at all. By smell, I get berries- expecting a kind of barley wine here, with tones of caramel. Low carbonization, lightly fruity and multiangled sweetness- almost like a sweet caramelized goatcheese. The fruityness is really done justice when inhaling, when it opens up. Long lasting taste.