ST REMY «Trappistes Rochefort 10» (11,3%)

This is an interesting one as I’ve had this particular beer several times before. However, when you strike a bottle from 2009 (that’s 10 years back in time from when writing), one simply has to try. This also means that this bottle came right before craft beer became hip in Norway (and partly Europe). Visuals: Murky brown color. Very little carbonation. Pours no head at all! Lightly boozy nose with oaky, caramelish notes. Highly ripe, perhaps on the borderline to what’s optimal. Let’s dive in…

The sweetness is at first present, before a small flame of heat. Taste of figs and dark fruits and dates. Further on, small bubbly action (surprisingly!) going on in there, and really really mature malt-driven taste that has developed beautifully in the bottle over the years. Long, warming aftertaste. Nice recap with this classic legend.


Photo: M.K. Burheim

Real ale brewing «Brewers’ cut Black Quadrupel» (10,8%) 5/6

imageVery dark and wine- like, with hints of ripe plums and berries/sweet cherries, which contributes in a fitting sweet way. The colour is ruby. The sweetness comes out even more in the taste, swept in a mature and woody oak/leather-cape. Rich in taste and fullbodied, with quite some «heat» from the ABV.

Brouwerij St. Bernardus «Abt 12» (10%) 6/6

The smell of figs. Also features of leather and caramel. Midway through, there is a sharp sting with butter-like hint underneath. The colour is a very nice dark brown and carbonization absolutely splendid. A very mature belgian, quite unlike anything I’ve been familiar with up until now. Spices and nuts also becomes visible before the bitterness sets in. I picture this beer to go very well with a cheese, such as Manchego.