FAUSTINO «Maldita» (6,5%) 3/6

Dark blackish-brown in colour, pouring a nice 0,5cm head. Aromas of roasted malts & coffee, dark rye bread and iron (!) hints towards a brown ale, even though this is a porter. Carbonizationlevel is quite low, which makes it less refreshing than desired and the beer itself light-bodied. In regards of taste, it’s very watery and thin for a porter to be- without tasting foul in any way. I find hints of dried fruit such as prunes/raisins and very subtle coffee. The beer itself is not much to write home about, but the afMalditatertaste is nice and sweet though.

Hornbeer «Winterporter» (8,6%) 5/6

imagePours big head. Smells of raisin and eastern spices, highly wine-like aroma. Lots of head. Taste: Outstandingly presence of coffee to begin with. chocolate in aboundance and a hint of vanilla. Which makes this perfect to accompany f.instance ice cream. The spicy features contributes to increased exitement and there is some bitterness to be detected also, far in the back. Unfortunately the beer was a bit too cold at the time of consumption, would’ve helped even more with lower temperature for the sweetness to be brought out.

Victory Brewing «Red Thunder» (8,5%) 5/6

imageOakaged. High carbonization, pours a large head. Aroma Of grapes, really thick wine’ish body. Visually dark. Starts off with delicious sweetness together with coffeenotes, at the same time as it gives off a fresh vibe. Grandiose matureity and rustique is what comes to mind. Subtly acidic midway through, which transforms into mild sense of bitter towards the end. Great and longlasting tasteexperience.

Farrier brewery (homemade) «Hoof Nipper porter» (5,6%) 3/6

The aroma reveals whisky, liqour and coffee. Lots of chocolate which gives it plenty of sweet taste, but evolves a bit too quickly out of it into watery grounds. A bit more intensity would have been prefferred, but it’s good tasting.