is an independent informal site for beer enthusiasts, providing information on specific beer brands tested by guitarist Archaon of the Norwegian black metal band 1349.


The beers reviewed are rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 6 based on the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Consistency/texture
  • Fragrance
  • Elements of taste and aftertaste
  1. Disgusting (rather drink water)
  2. Poor/boring (somewhat drinkable, but nothing more than that)
  3. Ok (meets expectations)
  4. Good (above average and high quality in terms of taste)
  5. Splendid (top notch; a joy to consume every drop)
  6. Out-of-body experience (absolutely supreme taste and presentation)


Blithering idiotThis exiting brew files under Barleywine. There’s no head at all when poured, but a light brown colour to it, quite mirky. I get a caramel’ish, fruity aroma here. A great degree of sweetness, followed by a fruityness which is  accompanied by acidic notes. Pretty “heavy” taste. Aftertaste is tingling tongue and stays on for a good while.
imageI’ve had the brand some years ago, but this is the 2014 edition. This is way more bitter than I remembered, though- it kinda strikes fully after 2 to 3 seconds, when the bitterness sets in. From what I remember, this is less fruit & more bitter-orientated. Earlier version with the hops giving off more fruity tastes, but still with a solid, balanced taste.

DarknessThick, black liquid which pours a yellow-brownish, creamy delicate head. The aroma gives clear assocciations to plum and ripe fruit. By taste, it is at first extremely fruity and enhances sweetness for a split second, before a burning bitter carpet evolves up underneath which lies for a long time, and changes back & forth, several times, through the darkest of oceans, with honey, crisp biscuits, mature fruit, oak and dark berries amongst other things. It balances on the borderline of sweetness, slightly acidic, stingy bitterness and mature, rustique complexity. Absolutely crazy, and neverending, intriguing exitement in this.

imageFruity and exiting aroma. Surprisingly and shockingly hopped, this yellow IPA kicks off in a spring- forest like beverage style, clearly hop-dominant more than anything. Medium fullbodied, but one also finds that there are malt-traces present behind, although it’s bitter more than anything.

imageYellow brownish with nice head. Aroma of banana, sweet berries and orange. Sweet on the palate, extremely smooth and surprisingly little carbonisation going on. Very subtle hoppyness for 6,5 to be, but really tasty. Caramel-like notes underneath. Easygoing and sweet.

imageHoppy, fruity aroma. Clean and transparent looks. Flash of freshness in the beginning, big degree of matureity, hoppy taste with perfect carbonisation. Balances on the verge of being malty and a citric, bitter hoppyness- with nutty sweet undernotes.

imageVery dark and wine- like, with hints of ripe plums and berries/sweet cherries, which contributes in a fitting sweet way. The colour is ruby. The sweetness comes out even more in the taste, swept in a mature and woody oak/leather-cape. Rich in taste and fullbodied, with quite some “heat” from the ABV.

imageOakaged. High carbonization, pours a large head. Aroma Of grapes, really thick wine’ish body. Visually dark. Starts off with delicious sweetness together with coffeenotes, at the same time as it gives off a fresh vibe. Grandiose matureity and rustique is what comes to mind. Subtly acidic midway through, which transforms into mild sense of bitter towards the end. Great and longlasting tasteexperience.

imageFruity aroma of hops and spring. Brown inviting colour, suitable carbonization. Superbly adjusted elements consisting of brown ale-ish nut, oak, with a hint of liqurice- all entangled in a just-about-edgy enough frame of hops. Longlasting and soothing, nice ending.

imageSweet & fruity aroma. Smooth, comfortable IPA with a moderate sweet intro and great smooth bitter features. Mild edge to this mediumbodied harmonic beverage.