Amboss «Amber» (5%) 3/6

imageA local Zürich-based ale, quite light golden in terms of colour. Produces a nice head when poured. Aroma is kind of an Old English ale, which also is reflected in the taste. At first, a nice touch of distinct bitterness, with a underlying veil from when the malts comes into play. Definitively pilsenermalts used in this one, that emerges properly towards the end.

BFM «La Salamandre» (6,3%) 3/6

imageLight yellow’ish golden colour- far from transparent. Looks like good amount of carbonization. Pours a small, nice hat. Nice fresh traces in aroma, seems fresh with a hint of acidity in it, but in no way at a convincing level. Tastewise, miles away from sour, rather quite mild and a little sweet- leans more towards a belgian. Still, quite fresh. Far, in the back, one can find the malts, but still- very little sour contents. Underlying hint of hops, which contributes more to the mature-like taste, than bitterness. Lasting for a decent time.

Calvinus «Biere Artisanale Blanche» (5,2%) 3/6

Great aroma. This beer starts off freshly and evolves to welltasting and just about right degree of sweetness. With it’s nice maltbody, this belgian gives off a sense of greatness as it bubbles around on the palate.