BREWSKI «BA75: Barrel aged Imperial stout w vanilla» (12%) 4/6

By the first eye-glance, it looks dark and thick. Quite promising, so to speak. It would be completely wrong to say that it has a little carbonation- cause here there’s none… (to justify a tad, it is serves on tap tho)

The nose is clearly chocolate, along the lines of milk chocolate and mild hints of coffee. When it hits the palate, there’s some nice stuff going on- the milk chocolate is defined more clearly, and mild at first. It is indeed vanilla-dominated, providing yet more sweetness (for those who’s into that kinda thing) 😉

Then, there’s that nice tingly heat being introduced underneath… very smooth. As suspected- this is highly thick bodied beverage.
And it lays quite nicely long at the back of the tongue, heat from bourbon combined with a dry, bitter ending. Me likey!

NÄRKE «Stormaktsporter Kaggen! High Coast Peated 2020» (12%) 4/6

Dark and nice visuals, pouring small creamy head. Nose reminiscent of leather, Smoke, dried fruit and wet oak. Body is medium to light, enhancing the peated notes. Mouthfeel is fresh, sharp- a bit stingy, but comfortably so. Tastewise, it really embraces the whisky flavour, but also leaves behind room for other elements, such as distinct coffee-traces, figs, a hint of liquorice and almost rum-like aftertaste.

Old school with style: Närke never disappoints with their variants of this fantastic beer.

NÄRKE “Stormaktsporter Romkaggen! 2016” (12%) 5/6

Damn! I’ve looked soooo much forward to this… Several calls & a reservation later (thx 2 the nice bloke @ Bishop arms, Bellmanns gatan), I finally get to taste this dark, mystic-entangled thingy.

Black in color (surprise!), not much carbonation going on here. This sought-after gem. barrel aged rum goodie and 2016 edition promises a lot. Nose is licorice, Deep dark caramellish, burnt & honey. Taste: Not much more carbonization, but delish BA maturity. Pastry-like, warmth and alcoholish candy goodies going on here. A beer for gods!

The sugars definately plays a big role here. Very much sweetness, mostly deriving from the honey. Mildly sourish notes midway, before heading back & fading out in that sweet manner. Nice treat, even at a summer day. Cool experience indeed!

Photo: M. K. Burheim

Oppigårds «Amarillo» (5,9%) 4/6

OppigAmarilloLight yellow colourwise with a good degree of carbonization. At the nose one can clearly detect the Amarillohops by the first second: Summer blooming with a fruity twist. The taste is also fruity and with a teasingly bitter curtain behind it- but overall, it’s a smooth, mild beer- in American Pale ale-style.

Ölvisholt Brugghus «»Lava» (9,4%) 4/6

imageSmoky and deep redwine-like aroma, black and seemingly thick texture. By taste, it proves highly complexity; at first sweet, followed by a liqourice middle, ending is going up in smoke. Quite salty too at the end. Interesting stuff from our neighbours over the boarder here indeed.

Cap «Endless vacation pale ale» (5,3%) 3/6

A subtle fruity aroma is at first detected, witch reveales hints of the malts used. This is the first thing to burst through in the taste too, with it’s caramellish angle. All over, the beer holds a very mild taste to it.

St. Peters «IPA» (5,5) – 2/6

 Strange for an IPA to be… The taste is very butter’ish and way too sweet. Furthermore the mentioned taste evolves but within the same sweet area, in addition to being a bit bland- this lacks of bitterness.