is an independent informal site for beer enthusiasts, providing information on specific beer brands tested by guitarist Archaon of the Norwegian black metal band 1349.


The beers reviewed are rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 6 based on the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Consistency/texture
  • Fragrance
  • Elements of taste and aftertaste
  1. Disgusting (rather drink water)
  2. Poor/boring (somewhat drinkable, but nothing more than that)
  3. Ok (meets expectations)
  4. Good (above average and high quality in terms of taste)
  5. Splendid (top notch; a joy to consume every drop)
  6. Out-of-body experience (absolutely supreme taste and presentation)


HopsanYellowbrownish, golden colour, on the verge of Amber. Half cm head, great carbonization. Nose is highly floral, hoppy forest-like. Sweet, lots of fruityness far out there, before the bitterness from the hops takes charge. Rich texture. On the 2nd mouthful, thehops produces a much more fruity, citrus-orientated direction. The bitterness is everything but overwhelming- moreover very fruity. The lightly hoppyness leaves slowly, leaving a very slight fruity, acidic outro.

I’ve had this one lying around for ages… It’s time to crack it. For starters, it has a very very deep yellow color (no wonder as it is way past best before date, but still giving it a shot). There’s close to no head when pouring and the aroma seems highly fruity, like apple cake and caramel notes. Surprisingly, there’s still quite a bit of carbonization going on here, though the taste is a little weak/a pastry-like, lasting for about 3 seconds. But, there’s also some nice citrus herein. There we go; I might have ruined this pale ale to a certain extent by saving it for too long. But I bet it was really good a year ago. It’s still not bad.Kaizers

SmåtøsJudgnig by the strong smell of lager when opening the bottle, I assume I have an idea of what we’re in for here. Deep yellow in colour, nice head and hardly transparent, together with the rather interesting name (young slag) could somehow seems like a good tease. Strong presence of pilsener, but there’s some fruity notes underneath. Ok, so what does it taste like? Pretty close to perfect in carbonization and overwhelmingly lager’ish, but also hints of earth and vague acidic notes of lemon. Well-balanced and refreshing, but a bit too dry and bitter in aftertaste for my liking.

imageIt is with great exitement that I welcome this beer to be consumed, first-timer for me… The presentation is lightly yellow in colour and a little clouded. Carbonization levels are high as usual in this beer category. Nose is boosted by the yeasty aromas of green apples, lime and dry white wine. Very fruity and acidic even in smell, so there’s not such a surprise to find this prolonged in the taste-which kicks of very acidic, with a very, very light body. Could’ve benefitted from a little more body as well as aftertaste. Should be great for late varm summer nights, this.

Vinter_haandMirky and strictly yellow in colour- more so than golden, but little (if any) sedimentation. High level of carbonization produces large head when pouring. Lightly fruity aroma, not overdone in any way… Hints of citrus. Taste is fruity, more and more so for each sip. Starts off in a light manner, quickly becomes definable and eventually, an orange grows inside your mouth. Strong fruity taste, but also very clean, comfortable fruityness which is longlasting. Nice long aftertaste of orange too. A leader amongst the saisons I’ve tasted yet.

krekling_3_6_smallDark ruby colour, almost brownish. Pours large head. Nose is acidic as hell, heather and currants is what I get here. Not as sour as expected, but more taste of soil. There’s sour hints in the back, lots of fruit with a rather dry aftertaste. Surprisingly thin bodied.

imageDark ale, not even close to transparent. Pours small head. The nose is cherries, raisins, flowers and oak. As far as tastewise, it tastes stingy and fresh, with a very sour cherry-twist that sets in quickly… One can barely sense the fruity comfort before shivers are sent through the body. There’s an underlying sweet, fruity carpet in the back that in turn shows it’s precense, band the taste lingers with good lenght. The aftertaste is redwine from the storage in barrels.

imageMedium golden for the eye, with lots of head. Somewhat fruity and sweetish aroma. Less sense of freshness than expected/hoped for, but the sweet fruity features are still present in taste. Subtly bitter undernotes and generally weak tasteexperience in contrary to the expectations, which one should be able to expect from a summerbeer with 7,5 ABV. There are also traces of honey in here.

imageLight brown and mirky, pours 1/3 inch head. Smells of caramel, wine and toffee. Great freshness/degree of carbonization. Beautiful sweet taste, fullbodied. Lots of caramel, toffee and with spicy hints underneath. Smooth outro with caramel taste still highly present, but not exaggerated. Well adjusted, with bitter end.
imageDelicious aroma of hops, very present multidimensional fruityness. Taste is at first great and mature, before the hop-attack grabs you with it’s thorn-like claws. It kinds of lays a veil of warmth around the palate, stingy and arousing. The fruityness lies in the background like glowing embers, but the bitterness overshadows everything with it’s immense power. This is what separates it from the masses of IPAs today, it’s powerful bite.