DE MOLEN “Verdeel & Heers” (9,8%) 4/6

Now, this one I’ve been exited about for a good while… Divide & Conquer from De Molen. Got hold of it in Latvia, Eastern Europe earlier this year. Considering the fact that it is an Imperial stout (barrel aged) with Brett, I’m pretty exite. When poured, a nice little brown head comes to show on top of this black ocean.

Now, the nose is really where things are becoming highly interesting. The deep blackness of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, entangled by skies of (gun)smoke from a hefty scene in some cool western-movie, makes me really look forward to the work from the guys at this brewery.

Tastewise, then? Little bubbles. A sweet hint, challenged and conquered by the alcohol stenght in this heavy, heavy full-bodied coffee-dominated delisciousness! Mixed with some acidic hints that would be the Brett herein, all done very well. Very interesting broad taste-spectre at play here. When that is said: Highly well-balanced for  the most part, but I find it colliding a little when it comes to the bitterness & Brett.

Long-lasting taste followed by a very dry, bitter aftertaste. Once again, they’ve done it, the guys at De Molen. Very good stuff!


Photo: M. Brochs

DE MOLEN “Haken & Ogen” (10,3%) 3/6

Haken & OgenWhat we got here is one of my favorite breweries, namely De Molen of Netherlands. I am extra excited when it comes to their beers, because more than once I’ve had a positive experience with several of them.

So what do we have at hand? Well, this time it’s the Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout. Colorwise it is very dark brown and pours a fine light brown head.

The Aromas in here are really exciting, spanning from vinous points in the direction of dried figs, ripe cherries, subtle sweet notes deriving from dark bitter chocolate, with a smokey touch… To almost rum-like, mature cognac/oak. Absolutely stunning, to say the least!

On the palate it kicks off with an intense feel of hard liquor, almost like a bourbon-drink infused with beer. Too intense for my taste, but I bet it’d do well with some more years of storage.

The alcohol taste in the beginning is a bit overwhelming, but eventually evolves into a sourdough and later sweet aftertaste. I was balancing on the edge here, on the brink towards giving it a 4, but the potential is big here- still worth mentioning.


(photo: M. Brochs)

Brouwereij Bockor «Couvée des Jacobines Rouge» (5,5) 4/6


Fragrances of yeast and raspberries/cherries. The colour is deep red, interesting & welcoming. When drinking, the first thing that’s presented, are lots of acidity crossed with a comforting sweetness- thereafter, the fruityness from the berries. The sour yeasttaste lingers for long.

Bavaria «Premium» (5%) 1/6

BavariaBaah! What’s there to say here… I tried it, so I’ll feature it. But to quickly sum things up without wasting anyone’s time: An average, ordinary lager, as boring as they come. Pretty mild in taste though.

De Molen «Mout & Mocca» (11,6%) – 5/6

Powerful nose of coffee. Superior texture. Mouth: not disturbingly intense, but a definite presence all the way throughout. Mild and round, very well aged with a nice balance- not ulike Corn flakes and distinguishably good French pressed coffee. Tastes like an ale (due to it’s mild appearance) at first, with subtle layers of malts… Almost soil-like tendencies at times. One could never have guessed that the alcohol strenght is as high as it actually is, when it comes to the well-balanced brew at hand- simply a real feinschmecker-beer is what we’re dealing with here. The only thing that reveals/gives away the ABV is not in reflected in the actual taste itself, but in the warmth which follows in the oral cavity.

Schansbier ulthoorn «Imperial» stout (8,8%) 6/6

ImperialDark roasted coffeesroma. Absolutely stunning start of burned coffee and cocoa, with an extremely lenghty taste to it. Moderately bodied beer. Clear as you pour it, black when in the glass, and producing a great head. Vanillahints in harmony with amazing bitterness.