LOVERBEER «Nebiulin-a» (8%) 4/6

Pours a beautiful light-redbrown colour with no signs of carbonation whatsoever. Having said that; it’s not necessary when checking out the nose here… Almost wine-like presence. A delicious fruity aroma of framboise berries, cherries and maturity. With regards to the taste, it is starting off with small bubbles and ripe sweetness, before turning sour- extremely sour (Currant?) on top, and hints of watermelon at bottom. Really teasing and spine-tingling! Nice, sour fading outro. Another great beer from this high quality brewery.image

TOCCALMATTO «Zona Cesarini» (6,6%) 5/6

TOCCALMATTONow, here we have a pleasant surprise from the IPA-dimension! This delicious beverage has an inviting intensely yellow colour to it, accompaniedby a large, creamy head topping it. There’s a vast selection of fruity features here spanning from mandarina/orange to passion fruit, with hints of lemon underneath. This is quite reversed in the tasteprocess, where the lemon comes out marginally dominating, followed by melon’ish fruit and an evolving bitterness that is not disturbing at all, just overall a great balance from start ’till finish. The aftertaste is also really nice, leaving a tenderly bitter sting on the tongue.


BirrificioThis beer looks absolutely stunning w/regards to appearance; Beautiful yellow colour gives off a refreshing invite. Pours nicely in terms of carbonization, leaving a nice half-inch head (without being overly agressive). As for the nose; nice floral activity going on here, a bit fruity goes especially well
In the heat of summer. Very subtle hints of herbs here too. Now, this leaves us at the exiting stage of the actual taste: very fresh, lightly lemon hints, some hard-to-distinguish flower taste, + even lighter bitterness combined with quite a bit of fizz. Light-bodied. Aftertaste is semi-sweet, crossing over in lightly bitter landscapes at the end.

Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes «La Torpille» (7,5%) – 4/6

LaTorpilleLight texture when pouring, producing a beautiful creme-white hat. Colourwise dark ruby colour. Aroma of berries (and cheeries?) and plum. Fresh on the palate, but at the same time very mature in taste. Noticable elements of plum, toffee and some smoke.

Audace «32» (8,4%) 4/6

This brewery (which- until this beer, I’ve been totally unfamiliar with, really strikes a chord with this beer. What we have here is some kind of a belgian, with an inviting colour. Tastes of orange and hints of lime contributes to a mild freshness. Adjusted by a suitable degree of acidity which is not overwhelming, nor too faint- but very well-composed and with a pleasant sweet nerve.