Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen 2022

The annual trip to Beer Mecca is back on!

After pretty much recovering from Covid, as well as some other rather demanding circumstances, the report from this year’s legendary Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen is ready. Following the extensive challenge that bears the name Covid-19, the world seemed to have been put on hold for quite some time… Luckily, the agile bunch at Mikkeller knew when to strike last year and saved the day for many a beer geek-soul.

However: It was somewhat untraditional to head off to this (still) joyful event in the start of winter, rather than the classic season trade-off in spring. There’s something so lively about this happening, about the whole beautiful town, about the joyful spirits uniting in the name of high-quality craft beer, all the fun and laughs. So- for 2022 to bring MBCC back on track, with a raging storm of a line-up, there was no reason to look back on already somber times from the previous couple of years. Let’s face it: It’s all good with trying to recreate it all with some friends in the living room, but nothing really beats the authentic feel of entering Øksnehallen at this time of the year… Just- Magical!

Insaaane line-up

As usual, there was a bunch of cool activities going on, such as tattoo-stands, food, wine and much more. For variations sake, it is great that there are some other features, even though the fact that just short walks will take you to several great dining possibilities and whatnot in stunningly beautiful (& exciting) Copenhagen.

Some new stars on the foamy beer sky for me personally (and I know for sure many of my peers agrees), was amongst others: Pulpit Rock (absolute kings&queens!), LUA (which I’d never tasted anything from before- insanely great stuff!), lest not forget the highly anticipated stand from the folks at Moksa brewing- whom sure did not disappoint), as well as grand maestro-works from Forager, 3 Sons, Lervig, the mead-masters at Superstition to name a few. I also love it when I discover hitherto unknown breweries such Brazilian Spartacus (them lads & lasses all the way from down in South America doesn’t only have Sepultura making killer music- they make awesome beers too!) Mikerphone had some seriopusly tasty stouts going on and the sweet neighbor from up here in Scandinavia, namely Omnipollo knows how to stir things up with great exitement. (Gotta love a crazy queue, when there’s enough for everybody, right?) Which it absolutely was of most here this year.

As for them taste buds which are more lenient towards the sour on the palate: There was plenty for you too here. The Dutch legend Tommie Sjef was there with none other than his mum (she was really nice!), keeping levels busy with the hordes of curious beer-geeks ready to devour. And he was in no way alone here- a little further down the line of stands, you would find Bofkont, pouring at all cylinders. Really good stuff!

Over the two days that the festival spans over, it is indeed a longed for- event. Many that didn’t go for the last edition held in autumn last year had found their way this year, and something that should be just as intriguing for the arrangers especcially- was the fact that many of the breweries themselves expressed explicit joy over participating. Amongst others, I spoke to Adroit Theory’s representative here, who was astonished over how great the event is. And he was not alone as such- for instance the people at Ology, Transient and Voodoo seemed to have a great time as well, both behind the tap tower as well as out-and-about. So many styles, so many – this melting pot of beer related features really stands out as something of its own, for sure. Having just celebrated its 10th anniversary, MBCC have proved themselves to be a well-organized, oozing with professionality and agility- something which hopefully will help them maintain their position in the beer environment for years to come.

And with so many nationalities united in one culture, everything from the trivial everyday life to global challenges and struggles are put on hold for a little while. It really brings out the best for a day/weekend/week for those souls daring enough to extend the stay in magnificent Copenhagen at this time of the year.

A brilliant way to greet summertime welcome and to celebrate beer, joy & life.

BAGHAVEN «Kriek Vanilje» (7%) 6/6

Oh heavenly, gorgeous bloodred beverage- what holdst thou in store? Being vaguely familiar with Baghaven through some of their works from before, I’m definetely exited for this one. A vanilla kriek? Sounds terrific to me, love those tastes. And besides the lushious burgundy looks, the nose reveals distinct cherry notes herein. But clearly also sweet, kind vanilla caresses the nostrils, together with subtle, exotic spices. So: What does it taste?

Oh divine, vineous, easygoing smooth beverage! Thou hast me enchanted! High levels of carbonisation, thin/mediumbodied presentation, sweet-teasing intro. Then a superb acidic middle of sour berries follows. Long-lasting, dramatic deliciousness. No alcohol traces at all, just a lot of fruityness going on, culminating in a very subtle cinnamon ending.

Absolutely stunning beer- a must-taste for kriek lovers.


Photo: M. K. Burheim


It is always interesting to come across a brewery that one hasn’t tried something from before.

This German brewery has thus collaborated with Denmarks To Øl, in order to serve this bright-yellow beauty. For starters, it seems well carbonated with a great head when being poured- and the nose is nothing but splendid. According to the bottle information, this is a rose hip-infused sour rye pilsener, and flower’ish, mineral/fruity citrus notes does subtly emerge. Also acidic hints. 

When it comes to taste however, it starts off with a quick flirtation with sweetness before the acidity undoubtedly shows it’s presence… very sour for this type of beer to be. Very fruity middle with bitter high end to it. Also, it’s quite salty and I find hints of seaweed in here. Mildly sour aftertaste that evaporates quickly.

Very nice and fresh, this one.


Photo: M. K. Burheim

TO ØL “Nutcracker” (12%) 2/6

Expectations are high as I’ve gotten strong indications about this one being a good one. It has been stored in the fridge for a couple of months, so it’s about time to give it a try now… Black as night, this oatmeal stout pours a creamy head but seems very much alive. The nose is intensively sweet like candy-fluff, no coffee what so ever. Almost on the verge to synthetic’ish sweetness, mixed with (really!) Coca Cola underneath. 

Ok, so taste then? Tingling subtly acidic that goes into sweet syrup’ish taste, as well as the body of the beer. Very thick and oily, but sweet yet oaky, with a hint of vanillla- but landing on a bitter field of burnt bread and a rather unpleasant aftertaste. Quite hideous bitterness, to be honest. It started better than it got to yet… so this is not one of my faves. 

All in all: A more disturbing burnt acidic taste than maple syrup in the end. Guess it has to be written off to the “an experience richer” account.


(Photo: M.K. Burheim)

CARLSBERG «Non Alcoholic» (0,5%) 1/6

IMG_9898Looks like a proper lager… a bit weak Head. The nose is malts, subtle as one can get it… hard to find much more here. (As expected) taste? Pretty foul. Weak is an understatement, smells and tastes more metallic than beer, and that taste is barely detectable before disappearing into wateryness. Luckily, the white month I’m on is soon to come to an end…

MIKKELLER «Spontanyuzu» (7,7%) 5/6

SpontanyuzuGolden yellow, crossing over to orange colour is the first visual impression. Nose is sweet’ish limonade and citric fruits. Carbonisation is great, pouring produces a nice line of bubbles along the edge. So what does it taste like? Incredibly complex, kicking off with very fruity notes and at the same time also a bit sweet this before evolving quickly into crazily distinct acidity- facemelting fist-in-the-face of lemon, extreme! Fused with sour apples and hints of vinegar makes the face twist 180 degrees here. But, at the same time as there is no denial that this is a very fresh and interesting fruit-infused sour beer. Longlasting taste that eases off gradually without losing the actual taste- it just keeps on lingering albeit weaker and weaker until it’s gone. On a hot summer day, this would be the ultimate beer. Best consumed very, very cold.

Amager «Todd the axeman» (6,5%) 4/6

ToddHere we have Amager’s tribute to overlord brewer, Surly’s own Todd Haug. Visual presentation is lightly yellow in colour and with nice head. Extremely citrus-aromatic, like snorting the florality from a whole forest. Tastewise it is at first fresh and sweet, then a tad bitter… However, not in an extreme sense. I never thought I’d say this but… You taste fabulous, Todd! There’s some orange in here too. but mostly lemon. Sweet at first, then sliding over in that bitterness.

TO ØL «Panzer Grenadier» (9,1%) 5/6

imageVisuals: Yellow and mirky- almost light brown and pours a smooth hat. According to the nose, what we’re faced with here is citric fruits of green apple-delicacy, and of course- as expected, sweetness from pommegrenade. Delicious fruity taste, that evolves into somewhat lightly acidic nuances, eventually landing in a bed of apples at the end, a distinct taste of green apples. The beer is aged on winebarrels, providing a nice, angle. Both sweet and eventually a great touch of mildly sour, this refreshener is a medium-bodied but full-tasting masterpiece from To Øl. The distinct ending ending is also a nice feature, and great lasting. This one works all round the year, a great, special fruit beer with identity.

Ugly Duck «Funk You» (6,5%) 4/6

Light yellow and inviting, this beer has a great pre-impression already by it’s aroma- with noticeably sour, albeit delicious fruity nose. The Brett is definately there! Tastewise, we land in some citric orchard here, hinting towards green apples, citrus fruit, heavily malt-affected and last but not least, a funny label description, this is a winner at any given time of the year. Mildly extreme and well tasty, this is a great tasting slap-in-the-face which warms for a while.

Amager/Against The Grain «The Great Big Kentucky Sausage Fest» (7,7%) 4/6

Sausage festThis Imperial brown ale is mirky oakbrown by colour. Nice head which is quickly disappearing. Fruity/nut-like taste with Nutella/Toffee’ish notes, perhaps a tad too cold at time of consumption, as it is first & foremost bitterness that I get, although one can sense some sweetness here too- mainly from coffee, light chocolate and hazelnut. Very dry and longlasting. Goes through a variety of fases, from almost acidic bitter to sweet.