ROHOZEC «Malina» (5%) 1/6

MalinaAt first,   the colour combined with the strong aromatic fumes, gives way to hope. What we’re faced with here seems to be a rather pleasant, fruity raspberry-twist… According to the nose, that is. Together with the pinkish red visual impression, and th fact that there’s references to rasperry candy here, would suit a fruit beer like the one at hand nicely. So, let’s get down to it… How does this thing taste? Immediately after filling the mouth with the first mouthful, the sense of disgust is inevitable. Absolutely horrid! Not just weak in taste, but the sip actually tastes repulsive, even though the taste itself is bland. There’s a bitterness from a bad, watered-out industrial lager going on here, but with an extra dimension of failed mild acidity. More like a taste equal to the smell of sour socks. Never to be repeated.