Nøgne Ø/Bridge Road Brewers «Aurora Australis» (11%) 4/6

This beer was brewed at Bridge Road in Australia where it was aged in redwinebarrels, and has then undertaken the long-destination journey to Nøgne Ø in Norway where it was bottled. You can tell it’s redwine from the slight acidic influenced aroma. Apart from that: What does this funny thing taste of? Well, for starters, it’s an ale with deep, fullbodied texture with lots of carbonization. Rich-tasting, distinct sourness beneath, still delicate in it’s own pecculiar way. Comparing it to something was a bit tough, as I was quite new to this kind at the time I consumed it- lack of comparative competitors… But, there’s no bitterness, only sweet hints in exchange with the acidity

CASTLE BREWERY EGGENBERG «Samichlaus» (14%) 6/6

imageThe aroma discloses a distinct cognaq influence. Brewed only once a year (on the 6th of December), one feels lucky having gotten the hands on this one. By the first sip, the highly noticable alive- character of the beer is revealed: Mature, but fresh. 10 months of fermentation together with the malts  used gives it a beautiful caramelish sweetness and fullbodied texture, followed by a spiritus tingle. A nice and edgy finish rounds up this floating gold- almost like enjoying a glass of fine cognac.