is an independent informal site for beer enthusiasts, providing information on specific beer brands tested by guitarist Archaon of the Norwegian black metal band 1349.


The beers reviewed are rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 6 based on the following parameters:

  • Color
  • Consistency/texture
  • Fragrance
  • Elements of taste and aftertaste
  1. Disgusting (rather drink water)
  2. Poor/boring (somewhat drinkable, but nothing more than that)
  3. Ok (meets expectations)
  4. Good (above average and high quality in terms of taste)
  5. Splendid (top notch; a joy to consume every drop)
  6. Out-of-body experience (absolutely supreme taste and presentation)


Jack HammerThis one has a great nose to it. It’s promising fruity, bitter taste with sweet toffee features and the bitter ending is good. But first & foremost, I find the beautiful colour really inviting, with lots of foam. It’s not as easy to describe right away, but after a short while, it’s there: Grapefruit. Thereafter, a second of caramel followed by an increasingly bitter taste. Swallow once more, and the bitterness grows into a powerful tasty aftertaste.

ToddHere we have Amager’s tribute to overlord brewer, Surly’s own Todd Haug. Visual presentation is lightly yellow in colour and with nice head. Extremely citrus-aromatic, like snorting the florality from a whole forest. Tastewise it is at first fresh and sweet, then a tad bitter… However, not in an extreme sense. I never thought I’d say this but… You taste fabulous, Todd! There’s some orange in here too. but mostly lemon. Sweet at first, then sliding over in that bitterness.

imageGoldlike yellow colour, on the verge to light brown and highly inviting. Looks very smooth judging by the head when pouring, almost creamy-like. Nose is delicious, lighly fruity behind a veil of sweet summerly hints. Massive malt body entagled with a well tasting ale, which is given a untraditional charater by the tea-taste… Kind of reminds me of a hybrid merge between ice tea and beer, but in a successful manner. Summer, flowers and night-time tea is pretty accurately what comes to mind here. Eceptionally great experience.

Code blackA black IPA is what we’re confronted with here, quite mild as British IPAs tend to be. The carbonation is way too intense, producing a large head, not only when pouring but even in mouth, by each sip. The aroma gives little, but some traces of the liqurice and coffee. Besides that, I find it hard to get much. That also goes for the taste, even though there’s clearer references to roasted malts and fruity hops… For a split second, that is. Somehow thin bodied, I find little generosity even hops-wise here. Gives little way to aftertaste- despite well-tastyness, it is too shortlasting & a tad bland for my taste.

Anticosmic_IPABrewed for 1349’s appearance at Hellfest, this IPA seems to have more a UK than US orientation. The colour is somewhere between dark red and dark yellow. Pours very little head. The nose is fruity notes, Heavily maltorientated with a delicious taste and small degree of bitterness. More like an English IPA for sure, however a bit shortlasting… Quick flash of hops before the malts take over. Wish it’d lay longer on the tongue. But for a homebrew to be, this is fantastic.

imageI’ve had the brand some years ago, but this is the 2014 edition. This is way more bitter than I remembered, though- it kinda strikes fully after 2 to 3 seconds, when the bitterness sets in. From what I remember, this is less fruit & more bitter-orientated. Earlier version with the hops giving off more fruity tastes, but still with a solid, balanced taste.

imageDeep Deep yellow in color but not much mention-worthy smell. Much carbon dioxide content, which produces surprisingly little head, but bubbles inside beer and sticking to the glass, even after pouring. Aroma of citrus and green apples. As far as taste go, we find at first, lovely sweetness from the malts, very fruity and then, it all turns damn bitter. With such a bitter end, it is a great escalation to the “top” too. Really bitter ending!

imageFruity and exiting aroma. Surprisingly and shockingly hopped, this yellow IPA kicks off in a spring- forest like beverage style, clearly hop-dominant more than anything. Medium fullbodied, but one also finds that there are malt-traces present behind, although it’s bitter more than anything.

imageYellow brownish with nice head. Aroma of banana, sweet berries and orange. Sweet on the palate, extremely smooth and surprisingly little carbonisation going on. Very subtle hoppyness for 6,5 to be, but really tasty. Caramel-like notes underneath. Easygoing and sweet.

imageHoppy, fruity aroma. Clean and transparent looks. Flash of freshness in the beginning, big degree of matureity, hoppy taste with perfect carbonisation. Balances on the verge of being malty and a citric, bitter hoppyness- with nutty sweet undernotes.