WESTUM “14 haze later” (7.7%) 5/6




After a good 14 days (and then some), the bearded gent Westum himself, decided to “celebrate”… Or shall we say, mark that day and occation. With the entire world being quarantened up, I suppose it would be a great time to brew a beer, keeping several imprisoned souls happy. The time has come to finally taste it…

Presented in a highly stylish can with fitting label concept, the beers actual colour is light yellow, pouring small head. Hazy and murky indeed. Nose is highly priomising, with light citrusy elements such as lemony hints, pineapple and deep down, tempting distinguishable orange. One will hold back no more.

Perfectly carbonated, light appearance with remarkable bitterness that stings for a good while. As for taste elements, it’s overall hoppy, more so emphazizing bitterness than the more typhical-in-haze, fruityness that defuses the “hop-attack”, enhances by pine needles. It’s still containing those fruity elements in a developed scale, with crescendo in the aftertaste, blending orange and bitter hops perfectly. Stunning. I for one, will not complain as long as beverages like this in my hand now, is within reach.




Photo: M. K. Burheim

MARLOBOBOS MEGABEAR “Stevnsberry” (13,5%) 6/6

Having been looking forward to this for a good while, it’s time to crack it open. What we are talking about here is a mead of the best sort- namely a cherry mead from Norwegian fellas Marlobobos megabear. From what I have heard, the expectations that are high is not without reason. Also, judging by the collar when pouring this beauty into the glass, it reminds most about a fine port wine/sherry of sorts, and the fumes are to become religious by…

Absolutely devastating. Cherry-delish. Let’s get down to it!

By the first sip: This is perfection that my wife’s mother would’ve loved, man. Insane wows are what exits my mouth when this goes into it! Absolutely sick. Beautifully silky smooth, deep fruity notes, mainly cherry (of course), but also Christmas pastry-like hints, rounded off by velvety smooth edge. Note to higher powers: If I could swim in this for a lifetime, that’s where I’d be reincarnated, pretty please.

This tremendous joy in the night owes a shout out to M. Loktu & Marlobobos megabear. Cheers!


(Photo: M.K. Burheim)

KJEBA Brygghus «Belgisk dubbel – juleøl» (7%) 3/6

A gift from a homebrewing friend of mine, this is the 3rd batch from the homebrewery, whom I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting the Pale ale. A Belgian dubbel, dark brownish in colour and well carbonisationed, the nose is very subtle with sweet fruits, nuts, spices & caramelish hints. Almost a bit of hay-like. Taste wise it’s quite full-bodied and strong from the ABV, a proper winterwarmer. Fades quite quickly.

FM «Hopsan» (6,5%) 4/6

HopsanYellowbrownish, golden colour, on the verge of Amber. Half cm head, great carbonization. Nose is highly floral, hoppy forest-like. Sweet, lots of fruityness far out there, before the bitterness from the hops takes charge. Rich texture. On the 2nd mouthful, thehops produces a much more fruity, citrus-orientated direction. The bitterness is everything but overwhelming- moreover very fruity. The lightly hoppyness leaves slowly, leaving a very slight fruity, acidic outro.

Vince&Gus «Anticosmic IPA» (7%) 3/6

Anticosmic_IPABrewed for 1349’s appearance at Hellfest, this IPA seems to have more a UK than US orientation. The colour is somewhere between dark red and dark yellow. Pours very little head. The nose is fruity notes, Heavily maltorientated with a delicious taste and small degree of bitterness. More like an English IPA for sure, however a bit shortlasting… Quick flash of hops before the malts take over. Wish it’d lay longer on the tongue. But for a homebrew to be, this is fantastic.

Deathanie «3 Monts – clone» (?%, Homebrew) 4/6

image imageGolden, somewhat mirky colour. Fruity aroma, with lots more precent hopfeatures than the original. Hints of smoke, very rich taste. The sweetness is quickly overtaken by an exiting acidity, and rounded off with just about the degree of bitterness that suits this beer. Lots more exiting than- but still with a traceable link to- it’s original.

Deathanie’s «Blackwit» (6%) 5/6

Deep, fruity and mateure, almost wine-like aroma at the nose. It opens in a rather fresh sense which is quickly followed by a beautiful taste of berries that earns it’s right position in the context. The clear ingredient seems to be cherries. A greet sweetness soothes at the end.

Deathanie «?» (10,5%) 4/6

 Always exiting when tasting homebrew. Judging by smell, one quickly figures this is a wheat beeer. With nice sweet exiting malty taste from various fruits- definately orange (somewhat spicy). Surprising hops- in a good way.

Farrier brewery (homemade) «Hoof Nipper porter» (5,6%) 3/6

The aroma reveals whisky, liqour and coffee. Lots of chocolate which gives it plenty of sweet taste, but evolves a bit too quickly out of it into watery grounds. A bit more intensity would have been prefferred, but it’s good tasting.