Brewfist brewing co “Jale” (5,6%) 3/6

Insane carbonization, slow pouring is recommended. The colour is deep brown and the aroma something in between a English ale and a weissbier, with a noticeable maltreference. At first, it is very fresh in the mouth, then the malts get to work. We can then find spicy features, and overall a suitable layer of bitterness throughout, that lasts until the very end. Albeit the thin-bodied texture, the beverage lasts for a long time- mostly consisting of the bitter top.

Robinsons brewery «Trooper» (4,7%) – 3/6

Nose: Mildly hopped aroma with sweet’ish hints. Golden light brown in colour. The taste is relatively sweet and surprisingly distant from a lager- more like a very light amber ale. Lightbodied with maltfeatures which really shows it’s significance midway through. A little shortlasting/light for my general taste, but I’d be happy to give it another shot sometime.