KJEBA Brygghus «Belgisk dubbel – juleøl» (7%) 3/6

A gift from a homebrewing friend of mine, this is the 3rd batch from the homebrewery, whom I’ve also had the pleasure of tasting the Pale ale. A Belgian dubbel, dark brownish in colour and well carbonisationed, the nose is very subtle with sweet fruits, nuts, spices & caramelish hints. Almost a bit of hay-like. Taste wise it’s quite full-bodied and strong from the ABV, a proper winterwarmer. Fades quite quickly.

De Struise «Rye tripel reserva» 2013 (10%) 5/6

Rye tripel reservaThis bourbon-barrel aged tripel produces one hell of a head when poured. It is dark brown colourwise and almost non-transparent. Nose is very fresh albeit also relatively sweet, one can tell that there’s some sweetness behind the fruity veil. This highly reflects in taste, which kicks of with an exiting subtle tease of acidity, before its just sweetness all over. The caramelmalts… Strongest positioned midway through… Very tasty. The taste lingers long, and the caramel lasts well into the aftertaste. Perhaps most exiting is the fresh attitude that fronts this beer, that is what’s really cool about this one.

Ugly Duck «Funk You» (6,5%) 4/6

Light yellow and inviting, this beer has a great pre-impression already by it’s aroma- with noticeably sour, albeit delicious fruity nose. The Brett is definately there! Tastewise, we land in some citric orchard here, hinting towards green apples, citrus fruit, heavily malt-affected and last but not least, a funny label description, this is a winner at any given time of the year. Mildly extreme and well tasty, this is a great tasting slap-in-the-face which warms for a while.

Malheur «6» (6%) 2/6

imageStraw-yellow colour, fairly light and slightly transparent. Pours a light / small hat. Smells a bit like cross between citrus, sweet’n sour and fruity. Violent carbonization, in line with many other Belgians. At first slightly acidic-fruity taste, then very fruity malt middle… The flavor gives it a hint of acidity, fruitiness then before malts comes into play. However- The taste passes very quickly … But this is no 6, so perhaps the other versions are more flavorful. This lasts a little too short for my taste and is overall a bit too weak.

Real ale brewing «Brewers’ cut Black Quadrupel» (10,8%) 5/6

imageVery dark and wine- like, with hints of ripe plums and berries/sweet cherries, which contributes in a fitting sweet way. The colour is ruby. The sweetness comes out even more in the taste, swept in a mature and woody oak/leather-cape. Rich in taste and fullbodied, with quite some «heat» from the ABV.

Great Divide «Hades» (7,8%) 4/6


Mild aroma of malts with mild acidic twist. Transparent and golden colour, sweet in taste. Typical belgian crispy taste with banana-hints mixed with subtle sourness of green apples, this beer is clearly dominated by malts, but widened by a spicy twist to it.

Stone «Cali-Belgique IPA» (6,9%) 4/6

imageThe aroma somewhat reflects the yeast and a light fruity vibe. Yellow beverage with just about what’s needed of fizz, the taste is summed up by belgian-infused with mild acidic vibe to it, with a touch of sweetness midway through and rounded off with taste of an IPA. Kind of combining two great worlds, but I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit pecculiar, the balance of sweet belgian and hoppy bitterness. However, works though.

To Øl «Grenadier» (9,1%) 4/6

GrenadierThe noticeably mirky colour raises exitementlevels to high, with this hay-like yellow beverage in the glass. Smells very fruity, a lot of lime/citric influence (naturally enough, as the bottle label reads Pomegranate as a main ingredient). Generous carbonization going on here. Oustandingly acidic, escalating from beginning to midway through- as a matter of fact, the acidity lies there all the way, competing with the sweetness known from typichal-belgian style. Longlasting taste too.

Alvinne «Gaspar» (7,9%) 3/6

Very hoppy aroma, very spiced. The actual taste is surprisingly sharp with a very rich hop-content for a belgian to be… Very spicy. Both texture- and bodywise, it does reflect a typhical belgian to a greater extent. With it’s powerful 115 IBU, this is a pecculiar one, which also carries that joyful element of surprise.

Grimbergen «Blonde» (6,7%) 4/6

GrimbergenThis fluid makes me think of liquified gold. Stunningly golden yellow but clear, with a beautiful thin hat of foam, and aroma of wheat and fruity springtime. The taste of this blonde can best be described as clean- providing a caramellish sweet taste followed by a fruity mild bitterness. The rich taste  lasts for a long time.