CRAZY MOUNTAIN «Creedence pilsner» (4,9%) 3/6

Golden light colour with lightly hopped, fruity nose. Pours great snowy white head. Mouthfeel: it is mild in taste-a little fruity (citrus) before it turns hoppy. Aftertaste is where the malts comes into play. In total it is a bit week in taste and a bit metallic in aftertaste. All in all; not bad.IMG_1792

LERVIG «Sour Suzy» (4%) 3/6

imageIt is with great exitement that I welcome this beer to be consumed, first-timer for me… The presentation is lightly yellow in colour and a little clouded. Carbonization levels are high as usual in this beer category. Nose is boosted by the yeasty aromas of green apples, lime and dry white wine. Very fruity and acidic even in smell, so there’s not such a surprise to find this prolonged in the taste-which kicks of very acidic, with a very, very light body. Could’ve benefitted from a little more body as well as aftertaste. Should be great for late varm summer nights, this.

Schous mikrobryggeri «Blondix» (5,6%) 3/6

Another one of Scous’ own brews, loaded with citric acidity, adjusted by comforting malts and a mild bitterness.

Efes «Pilsener» (5%) 2/6

A really mild pilsner is what we’re dealing with here. Rather mild but good, golden in colour and a very clean impression. Fine – balanced and sweet. I’d say surprisingly good for pilsner to be.

WILLIAMS BROS – Kelpie Seaweed Ale (4,4%) 3/6

Judging by the smell, this seems kind of stoutish, and the beer itself has quite a dark colour to it. Judging by the taste, this is well tasting and one can sense the seaweed draped in coffee. However, the coffeetaste is a bit weak, giving the beer somewhat a thin concistency, although good and light in taste which disappears quickly.

NØGNE Ø/BREWDOG/MIKKELLER – Black Tokyo Horizon (17,2%) 6/6

Wow. This incredible stout looks thick concistency, and judging by the aroma, it reveals a hint of soy sauce, cereal granules. And the taste, what is this like? Dried Fruit, grapes, sweet cherries and chestnut- all wrapped in a candysugarish malt- veil. The absolute beautiful balance provides to a long and full body, topped by a tingling sweet&sour head. Food- accompagny wise, this mukst be a perfect beer.

SIERRA NEVADA – Stout (5,8%) 4/6

At first, there’s a nice fruity aroma to it. This, followed by a comfortable entrè of delicious roasted coffee, mild smokey taste and fruit complexity. An easy- drinkable, good stout.

BREWDOG – Dogma (7,8%) 3/6

This odd beer has a rather fruity aroma to it, followed by a nice tender introduction. It takes you through a mixture of herbs, spices and fruits- all around a nice malt body. The spicey taste follows all the way through and is somehow a little annoying, but all in all, it is good.

ANCHOR – Merry Christmas & happy new year 2010 (5,5%) – 4/6

Archaon – Beerblogger

A taste of Christmas, really so. Pine needle is distinctively present here in this dark and sweet beer, taste and smell invites to lazy christmas holidays in front of the bonfire- all adjusted by a hint of bitterness that suits it.

ABV: 5,5%