BOKKE «Wijngaard -Rood» (6%) 6/6

Velvety red, stunningly shiny looks. Pours beautiful head. Nose is clearly Raspberries, and other associations that comes to mind is plums, gooseberry (?) and vanilla.

As for the extravagant moment of tasting this prime example of Raf’s grandiose works, we find that the wonderful fruityness of the pinot noir grapes is draped in freshness, suitable medium body and perfectly carbonated. The raspberries is enhanced on the palate, paving way to a lightly note of cherries. Astonishing classic lambic-taste with supreme oakbarrel intact. 

The whole chebang is then finished by a looong aftertaste. Absolutely lovely.

SARA «Wisdom is learned» (7.4%) 5/6

Greetings, spring! And what moment would be better for a delicious refreshment from the masters @Sante Adarus Rustic Ales?

This particular bottle in question being batch 2, the beer promises copious amounts of peaches; ripe and funky as hell. The colour reminisces of golden fields of grass, layered by a creamy head to top. Crispy and biscuity midway, it balances perfectly on both sides of the spectre. Smooth and packed with flavors of sweet, ripe fruit and lightly hoppy bittering as well as a slightly acidic dimension, before the long lasting, slowly-fading aftertaste. Perfection. Or as close to as I’ve had in a looong time.

RYGR «Valhall» (12,5%) 4/6

Goodness! Looks heavenly when poured, cacao/coffee’ish créme head. Nose raises expectations to be on top with the most, such as the likes of Anchorage, Revolution etc. burnt malts, super delicious hints of maple.

…aaand: mouthfeel is exceptional. Thick and dense, sour mash whisky, barrel very present. Roasted dark bitter coffee too. Rygr definitely’s got it going with this most recent BA-series of theirs. Very nice.

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 7)

NØISOM «Julebock» (7,8%) 5/6

Yellow- brownish/lightly brown color wise. Presentation with a great creamy head on top. High frequency, notes presented in the notes is caramel, chestnut and dried fruits, although not in any overwhelming way. Delish fruity notes of Madeira chocolate.

Tastewise it is not as strong as one would picture: Enhancing the caramelly sweet vibes much, together with rustique flavour elements. Taste is also significantly superb:  Broad spectre of elements with great balance. Medium-to fullbodied. delish notes in turn with a grand hoppy finalè. Really nice!

Very nice indeed!

NØISOM «Lyst Juleøl» (4,7%) 5/6

Murky, yellow, inviting beer with nice bubbly action on top. Nurse is exciting, featuring Christmas spices, fruity, vibes of pineapple and citric fruit. Medium to light body. Subtly and perfectly spiced, giving right Xmas associations to the holiday season that we’re entering. Super balance and taste for a beer of this lighter kind.

7FJELL «Hans Gruber» (6%) 4/6

Distinct piny and floral on the nose. Lots of citrus fruit. Deep golden visuals, pouring big head. Clean presentation, highly fruity before the massively hopped edge sets in. Not much accosiations to Xmas nesseccerily, but well tasting, that’s for sure.

BERENTSENS «Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

Dark amber in looks. Nose is malty: Sense of caramel, wet wood logs and delish nutty flavours. Good carbonation, lightbodied texture. Xmas pastry and bread comes to mind, as well as dates and a lightly hopped finalé @ the end. Very nice all-arounder for the Xmas Season holidays.

EIK&TID «Juleheliks» (%) 5/6

Bloodred on the verge to orangy in looks. Great carbonation signs, which is affirmed by the mouthfeel. From the nose, I detect vinegar-soaked berries with a hint of spices. At the tongue, it provides a superfruity, stonefruit bitter and sour combo. The acidity lies over as a steady carpet. A real face-twister, this one.

NØGNE Ø «Julequad 2023» (%) 4/6

Nose is subtly fruity. Close to no carbonation at all- something that doesn’t really matter that much, given the texture of the beverage. Medium to thick body, flat with somewhat rustique, fig-infused with spicy and mouldy chocolaty boozyness.

ÆGIR «Juling» (11.5%) 4/6

Murky brown-red in looks, topped by a creamy head- this heavyweighter bears notes of caramel, dried fruits and oak. The taste is massive, an alcoholic sting to even out the floral notes. Mediumbodied with a somewhat sweet at first, but also sharp edge, suitable for the strong ale- style. 

NØGNE Ø «A Christmas Carol Extra» (16.5%) 5/5 

Beautiful nose of chocolate, tobacco, fruit and oaky finish. Superdelish, Sweet intro that quickly evolves throughout the mouthfull: From the sugary Sweet into, to the fruity main characteristics, this delicious, smooth  balanced

Medium- to fullbodied, with a distinct hoppy finish.

7FJELL “Julestemning” (8%) 4/6

Dark as night, creamy head. Distinct nose of coffee, albeit heavily coloured by Xmas spices and herbs. Tastewise, it’s perfectly carbonated for this mediumbodied stout to be. Highlighting the aforementioned coffee, followed by chocolaty features and a dash of licorice- topped by a sense uof heat and bitterness, as the hops sets in.

MACK «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 4/6

A clean, amber look covered in creamy layer of bubbles. Lightl malty and caramelly nose. Light to mediumbodied, extremely great balance of the malty side and the mild hops. More than just a thirstquencher, but will serve that purpose as well, for sure.

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 6)

OSLO BREWING «Weizenbock» (4,7%) 3/6

Murky brown visuals is what we’ve got here. Fruity, caramelly nose. Light to medium body that makes it go really well with most foods, even as a refreshment on it’s own. Lightly Sweet and hopped. Mild, not overly sweet or unbalanced in any way.

MACK «Vellagret Juleøl 2023» (4,5) 4/6

Dark amber, visuals, pouring large cremè  head. Nose is sweet toffee, bread and wood. Mouthfeel: medium-to-lightbodied, carefully carbonated. Smooth entrance of sweet malty grains, building a sense of mateurity midway. Subtle but balanced. Nice one to revisit several times during the coming holidays.

MACK «Vellagret Julebokk 2023» (9%) 5/6

Looking clean and transparent, although much darker than its predecessor (which I tasted yesterday), this has all them same quality and neuances- albeit much more, to a greater extent. One can tell from the head when pouring, as well as the deep caramel nose. This time though, it sits pretty much perfect on the palate too… Just, right up there you know. Mediumbodied mouthfeel, aged well, deep sweet & dried fruits, with an alco-bite to it which suits the aftertaste perfectly. 

7FJELL «Hyrdestund 2023» (6,5%) 4/6

Looking fresh grass-like autumn-yellow, nose is packed with distinct X-mas spices and wheat. As for taste: Yeasty, orange peel and farmhouse and lightly hoppy. An supersmooth light-weighter to pair with most heavy meals during the Yuletide.

E.C. DAHLS «Kong Vinter 2023» (7%) 4/6

Lightly brown in color with nice head poured. Very fruity those with hints of banana and wheat. Great bubbly action. Short sweet intro before the banana and malts comes into play for play. Super nice balanced hoppy layer too. 

E.C. DAHLS “Lillebjørns Juleøl» (6%) 4/6

Ruby red in looks, creamy head to top. Much fruity nose to trace here, mandarins, stonefruit. The taste is superb too, enhancing the mentioned tastes. Pointing in citrusy directions w/caramellish edge to it. Really nice!

NØGNE Ø «God Jul 2023» (8,5%) 4/6

Always look forward to this one, every year. The head poured looks more like a café crème, the nose is cinnamon, dried apple, 

And a hint of pepper, perhaps. And the actual taste? Oh yes! Medium bid, not too dense. A prototype of a classic Norwegian Christmas beer in 2023, full of spices, licorice, coffee, and a well hidden, subtle hint of sweetness. Always very good, this year being no exception.

7FJELL «Mørk Juleøl 2023» (%) 4/6

Dark, Amber in looks, seemingly great bubbly action going on. Nose reflecting roasted coffee subtly. Great carbonation. Superb balance, smooth and refreshing at the same time, with light sweet notes dominated by the coffee. Delicious.

RINGNES «Juleøl 2023» (4,7%) 3/6

Looking bright red with decent head in glass. Subtle notes of caramel and fruit. On the palate, it’s light-to mediumbodied, sweet  with a nicely rounded off dry finish. A bit bland compared to its heavier brother, but still quenchable for sure.

7FJELL “7 Sorter 2023” (6,5%) 3/6

Dark brown little if none viscocity. Special nose consisting of spices, cucumber and more. Tastewise, it’s powerful, highly bitter (especially during the aftertaste) and the the texture is quite strong. I get quite a bit of licorice. 

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 5)

OSLO BREWING «Yuletide Bock» (4,7%) 3/6

Amber red in looks, with small signs of carbonation. Nose is clearly distinct fruity. Taste is quick sweet inteo followed by subtle smokey vibes. Lightbodied and shortlasting- still nice tasting.

OSLO BREWING «Cabin Ale» (%) 4/6

Dark brown esthetics, nice bubbly head. Coffeish on the nose. Nutty, smoked followed by delicious sweet brown toffeish candy sugar- all culminating in a sweet & bitter «fight» in the end. Delicious!

RINGNES «Juleøl Sterk» (6,3%) 5/6

Shines beautifully brown through the glass with creamy head.  Deliciously nut and OAK in the nose. Medium-bodied, superb balance. Rustique, rye bread and nutty intro, which slides smoothly into sweet malty middle witch in turn adjusts to a delicate tobacco-woody bitter ending. Smoother than any years before this year.

HANSA «Julebrygg» (4,7%) 4/6

Breaks the lightbeam beautifully red with much foam to top. Very wort/malty/nutty aroma with distinct woody notes. Fruity, then sweet, much bread, lightbodied. Highly balanced and suitably subtle hoppiness. Very nice, long aftertaste.

BORG «Juleøl» (6,5%) 4/6

So dark that it is non-transparent and creamy small head poured. Nose of dried fruit and roasted malts. Fruity taste too, with coffee coming through without being overly dominating. Lightbodied for its ABV to be- but without creating much disturbance in the balance, just a little sharp sting to it in the late stages. Smooth sweet aftertaste rounding off.

E.C. DAHLS «Juleøl» (6%) 5/6

Murky amber, pouring great head to top. Nose sends assocciations towards sweet toffee-notes, wintery snow crystals and traditional Xmas’y vibes. As for taste? Refreshing, at the same time as it shows mateurity, caramel & Sweet chocolaty elements, entangled in a super-balanced hoppy veil. Long aftertaste emphazising the sweet side again towards the end. Brilliant.

BERENTSEN «JOL» (4.7%) 4/6

Let’s slowly kick off the Xmas ball of 2023! Brownish-red, with beautiful white head to nach. Clean and structured nose of dark fruits and malts. Body is light to medium, taste enhances the fruityness. Balanced and a bit exciting (stemming from the use of the Norwegian type of yeast, Kveik. Long-lasting for its low ABV to be, and a definite pairing for foods.

SAGENE «Hvit Jul» (0%) 3/6 (2023)

Malty-yeasty nose. Lots of bubbly action. Light in colour as mouthfeel which is light bodied. Quite sweet, but a decent alternative. 

SAGENE «Rød Jul» (4.7%) 3/6 (2023)

Red’ish colour pouring nice white head. Subtle fruity nose. Great carbonation, light bodied. Also light in taste, but will pair gently with most foods or just on it’s own. Shortlived aftertaste.

SAGENE «Sterk jul» (6.5%) 5/6

Beautiful nose, rich in figs, old basement and a lightly spiced feel.

Burnt dark malty taste with medium mouthfeel and superb balance. Nice bubbles and delicious rounded deep sweet features in focus. A definite will drink again this year.

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 4)

7FJELL «John McClane» (6,5%) 4/6

Golden looks, and without any sign of carbonation, the nose is what becomes exciting here at first… highly fruit driven from the get-go, with orange zest, mandarins- a citrus bomb is what we’ve got here. The low levels of bubbly action doesn’t really bother me at all, the fruitful (without being overly sweet in any way) core here is pretty damn good. Far into it, the bitter hops is contributing strongly. Very nice.

HANSA «Vinterlys» (4.7%) 4/6

Nose is clearly mandarin/clementine, deliciously oozing of sweet fruityness. The citrus fruit & wheat really comes into play here when describing the taste-section. Almost Juicy-like, albeit thinner. Little carbonation, lots of taste.

7FJELL «Lys Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

What is this? Un-Xmas’y thing, being all blonde’n that… well, i’ll tell you what it is though: highly exciting. With notes of orange, coriander, and other seasonal artifacts, I must admit I’m excited. The Orange and mandarins really comes into play when the beer hits the palate, with suitable levels of carbonation. Light and delicate. Smooth!

OSLO BREWING «Multekrem» 4/6

Nose is wheat and orange. Really bubbly cream ale this! But also very well adjusted from the last version ofcit that I had. Lots of Mandarin and orange in centre, after a swift, Sweet introduction. Smooth & nice 😋

HAANDBRYGGERIET «Nissefar 2023» (7%) 4/6

Darkness in the glass… the spirit sets in. Nose is subtle and fruity. Mediumbodied. Lightly carbonated, taste of roasted coffee, chocomalts, dark grains/rye bread and suitably hoppyness. Smooth on the palate, velvety texture. Longlasting with slight heat/power from the alcohol.

BORG «Juleøl» (4,6%) 3/6

Dark ruby with heavy malty nose of wort. Dried seasonal fruit. Creamy head poured. Lightbodied, refreshing and subtle in appearance. Notes of roasted nuts and slight bitter hoppy vibe. Nice and easy light-weighter.

HANSA «Julebrygg» (6.5%) 4/6

Dark red/golden brew, creamy head on top. Superfruity nose with some nutty seabreeze to it. Well carbonated, clean and smooth profile. Medium body. Tastes of wood, freshness, lots of bitterness a little over midway. Close to no sweetness. 

FRYDENLUND «Juleøl 2023» (4.6%) 4/6

Murky and red, this mystical beverage tempts. Little foam, lightly caramelly & floral nose. Tastewise it’s really delicious too- with sweet and fruit-malty notes followed by surprisingly amounts of bitterness for the light ABV to be. Quick but great aftertaste. 

FREDRIKSTAD «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 3/6

Golden, dark red-brown looks w/inviting creamy head. Nose is wort-driven: Straight down in that good ol’basement. I also find dates. Low but good carbonation, lightstruck tasteprofile consisting of some classic Xmas beer mash, fruity subtle hints. easy drinking, light-bodied beverage with short aftertaste.

BORG «Juleøl» (6.5%) 5/6

Shines beautifully red in the glass, topped by smooth head. Subtle caramelly nose with toffee hints. Superb balance, quite sweet middle. Deliciously hoppy, fresh and balanced. Mature and tasty.

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 3)

NØGNE Ø «Rød Jul 2023» 5/6

Guess what colour it is? Correct, Red is the answer. (Writing that down now)

Floral, foresty nose. Ooohhh! And the taste… Pommegranade, piney nose,low carbonationlevels. Highly hoppified! Very nice indeed. Big taste, lots of dinension to it. Superb & exciting.

RINGNES «Julebokk» (9%) 6/6

This one is always looked forward to with great excitement. One of my top 5 Norwegian X-mas beers for this season.

So, How does the 2023 vintage hold up?

Well, by the look it is the same as usual: Dark to the extent that transparency is hard. Nose: worty, dark fruits. Suitable bubbles. And taste? Deep and massive, heavy! Not so thick/dense, just really big body and super taste: Balance, sweetness (not overly), figs, wood, hoppy- the whole chebang’s here. Suuuper- and this year’s definetely no exception.

CB «Juleøl» (6.5%) 3/6

Dark red w/cream top, sweet caramelly nose. Classic, malty mildly hopped seasonal beer. Mature taste, medium to light texture. Nice one.

7FJELL “Gøy Juleøl» (4.7%) 4/6

Woah… this sure doesn’t look like your typichal Xmas beer. Dark as night, nose of coffee, milk chocolate and molasses.

As for the taste: Small good carbonation, medium to light body, quick milk chocolaty, slightly spice-infused flirt before bitter coffee sets in towards the end and lingers.

OSLO BREWING «Strikketid» (4.7%) 4/6

It’s a yellow straw-like blonde by looks, with lots of carbonation (even though I have made a mistake of freezing the beer) 

😅 still, great fruity nose of cut grass.

Super taste of weed, earth and biscuit.

Medium bodied texture and longlasting farmhouse taste.

DAHLS “Juleøl» (4.5%) 4/6

Amber colour and lots of bubbles. Nose is vague. Taste is a bit anonymous in the start, but gives a proper bitter sting quite soon. Could be a beer to pair well with most dishes and to re-visit multiple times during the season.

DAHLS «Julebrygg» (4.5%) 5/6

Clean, beautiful brown transparent beverage. Nose  reminiscent of wet basement and malts. Taste is ever so clean: With a lot of malty drapery, and a super-sophisticated hoppy sting midway. Mild, but easy. 

EIK&TID «Skrekkelig Jul» (%) 4/6

Deliciously shining red in glass. Notes of red sour fruits. Also really balanced out in terms of sweetness, but absolutely leaving space for the Aquavit to break through.

OSLO BREWING «Citrus Christmas» (4.7%) 4/6

Straw/autumn grass-like in colour with mild citrus nose. Superbly carbonated. Lemony subtle notes with cut grass, all in a suitable light manner in order to pair with it’s intentioned foodpairing: Seafood/fish. Would have worked as well in summer as during Christmas.

EIK&TID «Syrlig jul» (5%) 3/6

I’ve had this before, still excited to try it yet again. The beverage itself has a straw-yellow colour to it, and nose reminiscent of lime & pickles (which for some is barely ok in beer- not in food and vice versa). A little acidic sour at first, then distinct pickles, leaving little room for anything else. Nice for its style though- that must be said. 

X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 2)

BERENTSENS «Julefnugg» (6.5%) 3/6

Very dark looks, pouring a creamy, nice head. Nose detecting Yule-spices, pastry and dark bread.  Medium to light body. Good carbonation and bitter hoppysting. Mature oaky edge. 

NØGNE Ø «Norsk jul» (8%) 5/6

Murky brown visuals is what we’re faced with here. A special nose here, exciting indeed: fruity notes (even as served cold) and some exciting spicy contents. Taste reflects more distinctly a subtle acidity/farmhouse-like vibe, grassy and juniper. Medium to fullbodied, the Kveik yeast works wonders in here and covers pretty much any Trace of honey. As the beer is tempered, the more rustique ending rounds off this great beverage.

NØGNE Ø «Ekstra God Jul 2022» (15.5%) 5/6

This monster of a powerbomb is one that I look tremendously forward to every year. Since the first time and they said it was absolutely splendid, never to disappoint. So what have we got here? Well, it’s last year vintage. Boozy & fruity on the nose, fullbodied beer. The way this have evolved, the licorice playing the main role now. I cannot recall it being like this last year when I had it. Still, a good strong powerhouse of the Xmas portfolio of Nøgne Ø. Powerful- yet tasty and great.

FREDRIKSTAD «Juleøl» (6.5%) 4/6

Very dark in looks. Deep vineous nose of dried red fruit and cellar. Medium body with super balance, subtly bubbled. Dry in the beginning, complex profile with strong bitter end.
Very good.

RINGNES «Juleøl LITE» (4.3%) 3/6

Shining light brown in glass, showing lots of carbonation. Nose is highly spice-driven; with hints of anice/licorice being dominant. The beer itself is quite lightbodied, which reflects in the taste-section. Here there’s little resistance- even from the nose detections. Lightbodied and quite anonymous… a bit too bland for my liking.

E.C. DAHLS «Juleøl» (6%) 4/6

Superbly carbonated, amber colour- beautiful head to match. Incredibly delicates fruity notes of figs and caramel. Mouthfeel carries a medium to lightbodied profile, fruityness followed by short sweet middle before a proper bitter ending sets in. Strength from alcohol does not disturb, but rather gives the beer a helping hand. Very nice.

TUBORG «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 5/6

Red-transparent in glass with small head to top. Lightly caramelised nose. Light-bodied with small bubbles. Great sweet intro, fruit-driven middle section rounded off by a light flirt of bitterness- all in the uttermost delicately balanced executed way. A prototype of it’s kind in a way. This I may drink to pair with food as well as have 4-5 more afterwards.

FRYDENLUND «Juleøl 2023» (4.6%) 3/6

Very subtle wort’ish nose. Quite thin body & lightly carbonated- still, clear and clean taste. Vague neuances of fruiyness and ronded hint of bitterness at the end.

DAHLS «Julebrygg 2023» (4.6%) 4/6

Amber-brown, malty delicious nose. Delicately carbonated, full taste here. Medium to light body, subtly hopped & sweetened. Refreshing yet seasonal vibe. Definite re-visit this year.

7 FJELL «Falalalalator» (8%) 5/6

Pours beautifully Ddark brown in glass, with a perfect head to match. Nose is very delicate: orange, spices and old cellar. Taste is a short sweet bliss at first, quickly followed by a hint of licorice/anis and muuucho dark roasted coffee. It all culminates in a long, balanced, bitter ending. Very very nice indeed.

BERENTSEN «The Holy Bock 2023» (%) 6/6

Dep brownish-red colour, creamy top. Super-inviting nose of nutty, toffee and date features, woody draping. Mouthfeel is medium, taste is packed with caramelly burnt notes, vanilla and bourbon finish. One of the better bock’s I’ve had.

OSLO BREWING «Same Procedure» (6,5%) 4/6

Another of this year’s Xmas beers from Oslo brewing, and a Bock this time. I’m a fan of the style and thus anticipation are there for this amber beverage in my glass… Nose is fruity and malty, dominated by nutty vibes and caramel. Body is medium with a distinct sweet centre, with lots of carbonation (not too much though). Rounded off by by a nice hoppy finish.


Right, it’s that time of the year again that we all love so much. There is every foodie’s season, then social souls’ dreamtime with get-together’s and what not. And- lest we forget: The season of the year when so many exciting variants from all over the country. 

That being said: Let’s get down and gritty with the first round, consisting of 10 of them. 🍻

The next beers will be added consecutively.


MACK “Juleøl LITE» (4,5%) 3/6

Lightstruck nose, but fruity and refreshing taste in this (not surprisingly) lightbodied beer. Nice suitable hops-bitterness to, light and easy-drinking.

EIK&TID “Jule III” (6,3%) 6/6

Yellow, orange visuals, topped with a great foamy head. Nose is vinegar and pickles. Wow! The taste is highly piney, shining brilliantly through the acidity here. (Which is spinetingeling!) This might not be your average typical Xmas beer, but what the heck… I love it! Perfectly balanced with sour mash, overripe sour fruits, somewhat woody hints, superb carbonation and a long, delicate aftertaste. Medium to fullbodied mouthfeel. Superb.

HANSA «Juleøl 2023» (4.7%) 4/6

Beautiful, red colour with a big head when poured. Nose is extremely mild/nonexistent. Mouthfeel/body is light, refreshingly bubbly. Soubtle notes of spice, albeit quite watery. Also the hops kinda shines through at the later stages. Easygoing thirst quencher.

HAAND «Nissemor» (6%) 5/6

Beautiful, red colour with a big head when poured. Nose is extremely mild/nonexistent. Mouthfeel/body is light, refreshingly bubbly. Soubtle notes of spice, albeit quite watery. Also the hops kinda shines through at the later stages. Easygoing thirst quencher.

Oaky nose, dark brown visually. Pours small creamy head, medium bodied texture. Great carbonation. A somewhat nutty, fruity middle, followed by caramelly outro. Very nice indeed, will revisit.


Smells of Xmas soda pop. Tastes of Champagne sodapop blend with white wine.  Highly sweet- for those into that kinda thing.

OSLO BREWING «Holiday Heat» (4.6%) 4/6

Nose easily detects chocolaty notes and wet basement. A tad of smokey vibes emerges as well. Taste is lightly bitter and sour, with chili in the aftertaste. Light-bodied with great carbonation, this chocolate&chili porter.

OSLO BREWING «Voksenjulebrus» (6%) 4/6

Highly fruity, the associations of sweet pink fluff candy emerges. Loads of bubbly action, soda pop-like body. Sweet taste with a sourish end. Funny Xmas alternative, quite nice.

NORDLANDSBRYGGERIET «Juleøl 2023» (4.5%) 3/6

This beauty has got a delicious burgundy colour to it which is highly inviting. Also pours a nice creamy head. Knows it’s Delish:  caramelly malty, a tad woody and fruit. Light bodied, refreshing and mild- a bit short lasting, but still a great alternative to quench the thirst with all those Xmas meals.

MACK «God jul 2023» (6.5%) 5/6

Dark & sweet nose of wort, honey, raisins and oak. Great carbonation, fullbodied superb mouthfeel. Balanced. 

ÆGIR «Snøblonde» (4.7%) 4/6

This Belgian blonde ale is Golden yellow-brownish visually with a nose of spice & wheat. Tastewise its refreshing, lightbodied, has got that definite Belgian vibe to it- and with a portion of goodwill- a very, very mild hint of Xmas spirit. Tasty? Indeed.