A blog about beers?

Archbeer.com is an idea that has swirled around in my head for a good while, following many brewtasting experiences made for more than just a buzz. With each time I was introduced to and/or eachtime I dived into the different types out there, the broader my horizon of taste became. (Special thanks to Frost) Occasionally, I’ve tried to give people a hint of what’s worth checking out (and been quite successful at it). After some time, just like that, the blog idea became an increasingly intriguing thought – a blog with a purpose.

“Why the feck would I care what he drinks?”

The purpose of this blog is merely information sharing, subject to my own preferences on these (sometimes golden, sometimes dark) drops, as well as my own entertainment during consumption. Since I was introduced to the variety of this dimension, tasting beer has become a hobby that makes travelling even more interesting: New places often bring new experiences in terms of taste as well. (I still enjoy a glass of good wine now & then). Cheers!

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