X-MAS BEERS OF NORWAY 2023 (part 5)

OSLO BREWING «Yuletide Bock» (4,7%) 3/6

Amber red in looks, with small signs of carbonation. Nose is clearly distinct fruity. Taste is quick sweet inteo followed by subtle smokey vibes. Lightbodied and shortlasting- still nice tasting.

OSLO BREWING «Cabin Ale» (%) 4/6

Dark brown esthetics, nice bubbly head. Coffeish on the nose. Nutty, smoked followed by delicious sweet brown toffeish candy sugar- all culminating in a sweet & bitter «fight» in the end. Delicious!

RINGNES «Juleøl Sterk» (6,3%) 5/6

Shines beautifully brown through the glass with creamy head.  Deliciously nut and OAK in the nose. Medium-bodied, superb balance. Rustique, rye bread and nutty intro, which slides smoothly into sweet malty middle witch in turn adjusts to a delicate tobacco-woody bitter ending. Smoother than any years before this year.

HANSA «Julebrygg» (4,7%) 4/6

Breaks the lightbeam beautifully red with much foam to top. Very wort/malty/nutty aroma with distinct woody notes. Fruity, then sweet, much bread, lightbodied. Highly balanced and suitably subtle hoppiness. Very nice, long aftertaste.

BORG «Juleøl» (6,5%) 4/6

So dark that it is non-transparent and creamy small head poured. Nose of dried fruit and roasted malts. Fruity taste too, with coffee coming through without being overly dominating. Lightbodied for its ABV to be- but without creating much disturbance in the balance, just a little sharp sting to it in the late stages. Smooth sweet aftertaste rounding off.

E.C. DAHLS «Juleøl» (6%) 5/6

Murky amber, pouring great head to top. Nose sends assocciations towards sweet toffee-notes, wintery snow crystals and traditional Xmas’y vibes. As for taste? Refreshing, at the same time as it shows mateurity, caramel & Sweet chocolaty elements, entangled in a super-balanced hoppy veil. Long aftertaste emphazising the sweet side again towards the end. Brilliant.

BERENTSEN «JOL» (4.7%) 4/6

Let’s slowly kick off the Xmas ball of 2023! Brownish-red, with beautiful white head to nach. Clean and structured nose of dark fruits and malts. Body is light to medium, taste enhances the fruityness. Balanced and a bit exciting (stemming from the use of the Norwegian type of yeast, Kveik. Long-lasting for its low ABV to be, and a definite pairing for foods.

SAGENE «Hvit Jul» (0%) 3/6 (2023)

Malty-yeasty nose. Lots of bubbly action. Light in colour as mouthfeel which is light bodied. Quite sweet, but a decent alternative. 

SAGENE «Rød Jul» (4.7%) 3/6 (2023)

Red’ish colour pouring nice white head. Subtle fruity nose. Great carbonation, light bodied. Also light in taste, but will pair gently with most foods or just on it’s own. Shortlived aftertaste.

SAGENE «Sterk jul» (6.5%) 5/6

Beautiful nose, rich in figs, old basement and a lightly spiced feel.

Burnt dark malty taste with medium mouthfeel and superb balance. Nice bubbles and delicious rounded deep sweet features in focus. A definite will drink again this year.